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  • Aloke Sadhu & PS Mukherjee win Ashok Kapoor Memorial Swiss Pairs at Mumbai

  • Dhampur Sugar Mills (Ashok Goel, KR Venkatraman, Sumit Mukherjee, Bhabesh Saha, D Majumdar, P Kushari) wins Poddar National Masters at Pune

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  • Bridge Facilities in India
  • In this section I would be putting together all the information regarding bridge facilities in the various cities in India. I try to update any new information on the existing cities as soon as I get them but as information collection is not perfected some of the information may be outdated or incomplete.Ever since inception of this webpage a few other Indian websites have also come up so if you are looking for more information on Indian bridge you may look at links section of this webpage and check out Indian websites.

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  • Tournament News
  • In this section I would cover mostly tournaments happening in India and from perspective of performance of Indian & Uttar Pradesh bridge players. For an infrequent visitor of this website, the "new" things in this section are tournament reports of past six months though the reports of past one year are carried.The tournament report part of the news is in orange shade whereas tournament calender part of news is in green shade.

    11th BP Halwasiya Memorial at Lucknow 2014

    11th BP Halwasiya Memorial MB Club Bridge Tournament took place at MB Club, Lucknow on November 16, 2014. The tournament is held every year at MB Club and is sponsored by Sri Sudhir Halwasiya in memory of his father Late Sri BP Halwasiya who was at a time Mayor of Lucknow & was an avid bridge player. 24 pairs took part in the event of which 7 were from MB Club. They played Scrambelled Mitchell movement of 11 rounds (6+5) of 22 boards to determine the prize winners. The winners of running trophy were BN Rastogi & SQ Wajahat with 67.5% score. The other prize winners were:

    2. Deepak Srivastava & BD Sarkar - 61.14%
    3. SH Zaheer & NN Rastogi - 60.91%
    4. TP Khare & SK Garg- 57.27%
    5. Pravin Agarwal & VNP Shah - 56.82%

    Best MB Club pair was AK Vashishtha & Mrs Shobha Vashishtha - 55.45%.

    Allahabad District Bridge Tournament at Allahabad 2014

    Allahabad District Bridge Tournament took place at Lukerganj Club, Allahabad from October 10-12, 2014. Sri SP Sharma was director.


    17 pairs took part in the event. The results are as follows:

    1. Bal Agrawal & S.P.Srivastava
    2. C.K.Bhargva & Deepak Mitra
    3. S.P.Sharma & A.P.Singh
    4. Anoop Deb & Dr.Akaram


    7 teams took part in the event. The results are as follows:

    1. BalAgrawal , S.P.Srivastava , Shanker Chaterjee, Pintoo Bose & D.M.Verma
    2. Rajendra Gupta, I.N.Mulla, B.C.Mital & A.K.Nigam
    3. R.S.Mishra, B.N.Agrawal, S.P.Sharma & A.P.Singh


    8 teams took part in the event. The results are as follows:

    1. IndreshAgrawal , S.K. Agrawal , C.K.Bhargva & Deepak Mitra
    2. D.M.Verma , Dr.Akaram , P.K.Banerjee & S.Ashkari
    3. Maboodullah, Anis, O.P.Tewari & R.K.Shukla

    Courtesy: Sri SP Sharma, Allahabad

    Prize Money Bridge Tournament at Solan 2014

    A Prize Money Open Duplicate BridgeTournament took place at Himani Resort, Solan from October 4-6, 2014. The results are as follows:

    :1) KOSMOS- T.C. Pant, Rajesh Jain, Dalip Mutreja, A Mandal.
    2) Constellation- Amarjit Wadhawan, Nikita Kamal, D.K. Tiwari, Prakash Bhandari.
    3) Garg's IV- R.K. Garg, Anil Bharioke, R.P. Sai, Gautam Das.
    4) Engineers-Ajay Kadian, Sanjay Gupta, M.R. Goel, P.C. Gupta.
    5) PBA- K.R. Lakhanpal, Bedi, Rakesh Sharma, P.K. Nyyar

    The tournament was smoothly conducted by M.L. Panghotra and S.P. Sharma as directors.

    Courtesy: Sri S P Sharma, Chandigarh

    Kr Murli Manohar Memorial at Nainital 2014

    1st Kr Murli Manohar Memorial Bridge Tournament took place at Boat House Club, Nainital from September 25-28, 2014. The tournament is sponsored by Sri Ashok Goel & Sri Vijay Goel of Dhampur Sugar Mills in memory of their father. Sri Ranju Bhattacharya was CTD ably assisted by Sri Sanjay Chakraborty. The tournament's format allowed everyone to play for all the 4 days.


    29 teams took part in the duplicate event and played 9 rounds of 8 boards of swiss league to determine 8 qualifiers for he super league. 20-0 scale was used for scoring.Dhampur Sugar Mills (Ashok Goel, Sumit Mukherjee, Bhabesh Saha, Sandeep Thakral, P Kushari) with 116.2 VPs, topped the swiss league. Atha Group (Swapan Kr Ghosh, Sambhu Nath Ghosh, Atanu Ganguly, Sahipal Ghosh) - 113.85, KDI Moradabad (Pankaj Mehta, SK Bandopadhyay, TC Pant, S Roy, CS Majumdar) - 112.68, D Das (Debashish Roy, Subir Majumdar, Suman Sengupta, Abhijit Chakraborty, Satyabrata Mukherjee) - 110.46, Mohit Mehta (Mohit Mehta, Subhash Gupta, Kingshuk Bhattacharya, Prabir Paul, Hasibul Hasan) - 108.35, Lucknow Blue (Vipin Rai, NC Bhattacharya, Mukul Gupta, SA Abbasi, TP Khare, Anisul Haq) - 107.35, Maya Meera Sneha (Sukamal Das, P Roy, Sankar Acharya, Rana Roy, Vijay Goel) - 107.21, Alpha ( Daya Dhaon, Kajal Das, Dipak Santra, Anirudha Bhattacharjee) - 102.81 were other teams to qualify. In Super league of 8 boards of 7 rounds Atha Group came out to be the winners of Kr Murli Manohar Trophy. Alpha, D Das, Dhampur Sugar Mills, KDI Moradabad, Mohit Mehta, Lucknow Blue, Maya Meera Sneha finished in this order.

    Silver Trophy

    All non qualifiers of duplicate could play Silver event where 7 rounds of swiss league of 8 boards were played. 18 teams took part in the event. Arun Jain won the trophy. The results are as follows:
    1. Arun Jain (Arun Jain, Jaggy Shivdasani, Swarnendu Banerjee, JM Shah) - 94.84
    2. Ratnesh (Girish Kumar, Ratnesh, Sunil Kumar, SM Moin, Shantanu Rastogi) - 92.17
    3. Invincibles (Natasha Khanderia, Savleen Thadani, JN Roy, Mrinal Mukherjee) - 87.88
    4. RM Gupta ( RM Gupta, Dr SM Joshi, A Bansal, RS Misra, Ramu Chakraborty, Indranath Chatterjee) - 84.52
    5. Spade Ace (Prem Nankani, DC Bhargava, SK Sharma, Ibrat Khan) - 80.98
    6. Constellation (Dr Nikita Kamal, Amarjit, PC Gupta, DK Tiwari, Vijay Kumar, MR Goyal) - 80.19


    55 pairs played pairs event in two session on final day with both session being played with computer dealt deals. Arun Jain & Jaggy Shivdasani won the trophy with 543.21 score. The other prize winners were - JM Shah & Swarnendu Banerjee, Daya Dhaon & Kajal Das, Mrinal Mukherjee & JN Roy, Sumit Mukherjee & Bhabesh Saha, Sandeep Thakral & Ashok Goel.

    Dr Dharambir Singh Jolly Memorial at Kasauli 2014

    Dr Dharambir Singh Jolly Memorial bridge tournament took place at Baikunth Resorts, Kasauli from September 14-16, 2014. 14 teams took part in the event. The event was smoothly conducted by directors ML Panghotra & SP Sharma (Chandigarh). The results are as follows:

    1) RANA JOLLY-Rana Jolly, Rakesh Goel, Naresh Jain, R M Aggarwal
    2) PBA--K R Lakhanpal, Rakesh Sharma, P. K. Nayyar, S R Malhotra, Syal.
    3) ENGINEERS----Ajay Kadian, Sanjay Gupta, M R Goel, P C Gupta
    4) HOODA----Major Hooda, Bahuria, Arvind Gupta and Parmar.

    Courtesy: Sri S P Sharma, Chandigarh

    3rd Jiwaji Club Open at Gwalior 2014

    3rd Jiwaji Club Open Bridge Tournament took place at Jiwaji Club, Gwalior from September 5-7, 2014. 12 teams took part in the event. The results are as follows:

    Duplicate - Gold

    1. Pals (Virendra Singh, Anil Bansal, Maj Gen VK Rattan, Wg Cdr GK Johri)
    2. Rajjan, Allahabad (Bal Agarwal, SP Srivastava, SP Sharma, AP Singh)
    3. Medical College, Jabalpur
    4. Chindwara Fort

    Duplicate - Silver

    1. RS Misra, Allahabad (RS Misra, RK Shukla, Jitendra Pandey, BN Agarwal)
    2. Vibrant, Bhopal


    1. PK Das & BK Das
    2. Papas Dasgupta & Vivip Dutta
    3. Col Anand & Sapre
    4. SP Srivastava & SP Mehrotra

    Courtesy: Sri RS Misra

    44th UP State Bridge Championship at Lucknow 2014

    44th UP State Bridge Championship took place at VKS Varadan Auditorium, Geological Survey of India from August 1-3, 2014. The event was organised in association with Geological Survey Receation Club (GSRC) which provided basic infrastructure for bridge. There is no better AC venue than this auditorium in Lucknow. Lucknow Bridge Association would like to thank Sri SK Sharma, DDG, GSI, who was also chief guest of opening function, for providing the venue free of cost and providing rooms at guest house. Sri JR Gupta from GSRC was ever willing to help out in organizational work and deserves credit. The entire Lucknow Bridge Association (LBA) team led by Sri NN Rastogi - President which included Sri BN Rastogi, Sri RK Singh, Sri M Srivastava Sri RA Siddiqui, Sri TP Khare, Sri Vipin Rai & Sri BD Sarkar to name a few deserve accolades for organising the event. This event was organized by LBA to mark its Golden Jubilee and three of the founder members namely Sri BB Lal, Sri NC Rai & Sri NN Rastogi were felicitated during closing function where Sri Mukul Goel, ADG (law & order) was chief guest. Kr Vijayanand Singh , President, Bridge Association (U.P.) also deserves the credit for alloting this championship to Lucknow. Sri NN Rastogi was CTD who was ably assisted by Sri SP Sharma & myself. Cash prizes of Rs 60000 were given. This is record 11th time that Lucknow is hosting State Championship. For past two occasions (2009 & 2013) LBA had been frugal and there were no internal funds used to organize but this year being Golden Jubilee year LBA decided to give dinners, give gifts to participants & published a souvenir also. Except for Souvenir all this was done through internal funds.

    From 2012 the UP State Championship was made open to neighbouring states inviting one team each. It was heartening that a team from Jabalpur, MP and a mixed team of Bihar, Jharkhand and UP took part this year.

    Duplicate Event for Kr Krishnanand Prasad Singh Memorial Trophy

    20 teams took part in the event. They played 8 rounds of modified swiss league of 8 boards each to determine 6 qualifiers for super league. The super league was of 5 rounds of 8 boards each. 20-0 continuous scale was used for scoring.KDI, Moradabad (Pankaj Mehta, Pradeep Singh, Kr Vijayanand Singh, IK Agarwal, BN Rastogi, AK Sinha) topped the swiss league with 104.13 VPs and were awarded Madhava Prasad Memorial Trophy for swiss league winners.Ganges, Kanpur (BN Batra, HS Dua,VM Gupta, Mukul Arren, IP Jain) with 102.79, Siddiqui, Lucknow (RA Siddiqui, B Prasad, NC Bhattacharya, GN Mehrotra, TP Khare, JS Kaul) with 99.76, Lucknow Bl ue (Mukul Gupta, SA Abbasi, SH Zaheer, SQ Wajahat, MA Quadri, CP Singh,) with 97.06, Tiwari's (VK Tiwari, Girish Kumar, SM Moin, Sunil Kumar, Arun Srivastava, Ajay Garg) with 94.13 and NCL, Singrauli (Dr Sumit De, C Goswami, Ashok Dey, PP Agarwalla) with 87.38 were other qualifiers. After Super league Siddiqui emerged winners of Kr Krishnanand Prasad Singh Memorial trophy with 61.19 VPs.So the Golden Jubilee celebrations became more sweeter as a home team won the championship. Ganges, Kanpur came second with 5334 VPs. KDI, Tiwari's, Lucknow Blue & NCL finished in that order. All the 6 teams were given prizes. Siddiqui's team would also represent UP in the Inter State Championship at Patna.

    Matchpoint Pairs for Dr JS Kothiwal Memorial Trophy

    48 pairs took part in the event. The event was played over four sessions with no final. The first two sesions were played on day 2. The super league teams joined on session 3 & 4 on day 3 with 12th position scores. All the sessions were of 18 boards each.

    The results are as follows:

    1. Girish Kumar & SM Moin (Patna) - 670.76
    2. Deepak Kothiwal & Ajay Vaish (Moradabad) - 666.83
    3. AK Vashishtha & Mrs Shobha Vashishtha (Lucknow) - 664.67
    4. HK Singh & Manish Jaiswal (Lucknow) - 655.5
    5. VK Tiwari & Sunil Kumar (Lucknow/Ranchi) - 645.76
    6. Shankar Chatterjee & Deepak Chatterjee (Allahabad) - 645.19

    As the top finisher pair was not from UP, the Kothiwal trophy went to second placed pair of Deepak Kothiwal & Ajay Vaish.They also get a chance to represent UP in Rama Jain pairs event in Delhi. The top 3 UP pairs would also represent UP in the Agarwalla trophy in Inter State Championship at Patna. It is heartening to note that Mrs Shobha Vashishtha is the first woman from UP to get the honour of representing state in the Inter State Championship since its inception.

    Bridge Association (UP) has been felicitating UP players who have grossed highest masterpoints in a calender year with the criterion that the players should be interested in playing for UP and have UP registration number and should normally be residing in the state. VK Chaube , who was an eminent bridge administrator of Lucknow and a retired GM of Railways who passed away recently, family has come forward and has decided to donate a trophy in his memory to be given to the highest masterpoint winner in a calendar year from UP. The trophy for 2013 went to Pradeep Singh. Kr Vijayanand Singh finished runners up. They got prizes of Rs 5000 & Rs 3000 respectively. Pradeep has won this trophy for third year in a row.The third highest grosser BN Rastogi got Rs 2000. This felicitation also took place during prize distribution and winner got the trophy from Smt Chaube.

    World Wide Bridge Contest 2014

    World Wide Bridge Contest took place on June 6-7, 2014.

    Friday, June 6, 2014

    4253 pairs from 255 Clubs across 34 Countries took part in the event worldwide.In India 175 pairs from 6 Centres (Kolkata (Calcutta Club) - two sections - 58 pairs, Mumbai (Matunga Gymkhana) - 20 pairs, Delhi - 24 pairs, Lucknow - 10 pairs, Chandigarh - 18 pairs, Pune - two sections - 45 pairs) took part in the event. The event was won by S Lombard & F Newman of Bloemfontein, South Africa with 74.69% score. Amongst Indian pairs Arun Sen & Hatinder Singh of Chandigarh came first with a score of 65.88% giving them 61st overall rank.Lucknow results as per global ranks are as follows :

    1. BN Rastogi & AK Sinha 57.7% 600 rank, local rank 2 local 56.94%
    2. SH Zaheer & NN Rastogi 56.67% 759 rank, local rank 4 local 50%
    3. AK Vashishtha & Mrs Shobha Vashishtha 56.51% 789 rank, local rank 1 local 62.5%

    Saturday, June 7, 2014

    4031 pairs from 228 Clubs across 25 Countries took part in the event worldwide.In India 176 pairs from 6 Centres (Kolkata (Calcutta Club) - two sections - 56 pairs, Mumbai (Matunga Gymkhana)- 22 pairs, Delhi - 25 pairs, Lucknow - 10 pairs, Pune - two sections- 45 pairs, Chandigarh - 18 pairs) took part in the event. The event was won by John Vergitsakis & George Criparacos of Oamkh 2, Greece with 74.6% score. Amongst Indian pairs AK Bhar & TK Paul of Calcutta Club B came first with a score of 65.46% giving them 46th rank overall. Lucknow results as per global rank are as follows :

    1. AK Sinha & BN Rastogi 61.68% 195 rank, local rank 2 local 60.42%
    2. SH Zaheer & NN Rastogi 60.68% 252 rank , local rank 3 local 59.03%
    3. B Prasad & RA Siddiqui 59.3% 371 rank , local rank 1 local 63.89%

    Is this epic event losing popularity ? At least the numbers suggest. Friday numbers for 2011 are 5209, 2012 are 5227 & 2013 are 4642. The Saturday numbers for 2011 are 5085, 2012 are 5328 & 2013 are 5060. The numbers for 2014 show a sharp decline. One of the reasons could be the fund raising simultanneous pairs for youth bridge which is held multiple times a year for definitely a noble cause but efforts should be taken so that the flagship event (WWBC) doesnt take a hit.

    Courtesy: as on 9/6/14 21:30 hrs India Time

    National Open Bridge Tournament at Chandigarh 2014

    A National Open Bridge Tournament took place at Hotel Aroma, Chandigarh from May 23-25, 2014. The results are as follows:


    1. Constellation (Subhash Gupta, Manish Bahuguna, Amarjit, Dr Nikita Kamal)
    2. PBA I (KR Lakhanpal, SP Sharma, Rakesh Sharma, PK Nayyar)


    1. HS Dhariwal & Bhagat Ram
    2. Sandeep Narang & K Bhattacharya

    Best PBA Pairs: 1. Rakesh Goel & Rana Jolly
    2. Kuldeep Khanna & Col Brar

    Courtesy: Sri SP Sharma

    Alexander Athletic Club Meerut 2014

    4th Alexander Athletic Club Invitational Bridge Tournament was held at Alexander Club, Meerut on 5th & 6th April, 2014. Two events were held i e. Duplicate team event for Nimita Agarwal Trophy and Pairs event for Surendra Singh Gupta Trophy.19 teams from UP,Uttarakhand, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh participated in the tournament. The Club is nice venue for bridge with limited number of teams and proved to be a nice host providing breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner for the participants. We need such generaous hosts to promote bridge in UP. The results are as follows:


    On 5th April seven rounds of 8 boards each for duplicate team event were played and six teams qualified for the next round. On 6th April the qualified teams played 5,rounds of ten boards each to decide the final rankings.The final rankings were as under:

    1. Nimita Agarwal Trophy winner
    Banshi, Delhi 96 VP, Swiss league 124 VP
    1. Vijay Goel
    2. Sunil Bhatia
    3. Murli Manohar
    4. Asad Shah

    2. RS Misra, Allahabad 88 VP, Swiss league 128 VP
    1. RS Misra
    2. OP Tiwari
    3. BG Verma
    4. SP Sharma

    3. Constellation, Delhi 87 VP, Swiss league 115 VP
    1. Dr Nikita Kamal
    2. Amarjit
    3. DK Tiwari
    4. Shashi Jain

    4. Devasha, Noida 66 VP, Swiss league 127 VP
    1. Subhash Gupta
    2. A Mandal
    3. DP Sharma
    4. Asha sharma
    5. Devi M Bhatnagar

    5. Surbhi, Chandigarh 64 VP, Swiss league 117 VP
    1. Madhu Sharma
    2. Col Guriqbal Singh
    3. SP Sharma
    4. Russel Lyll

    6. Kamla Mehra, Noida 46 VP, Swiss league 119 VP
    1. Kamla Mehra
    2. Girish Mehra
    3. RM Gupta
    4. Gulab Rai
    5. Awadhesh Goyal
    6. Pradeep Prakash


    On 6th April pair contest was held and 25 pairs took part in it. The results are:

    1. Surendra Singh Gupta Trophy winner
    BK Agarwal & RK Shukla - Allahabad

    2. Justice B.P.Singh & C.P.Agarwal - Meerut
    3. RP Mishra & Anil Sood - Haryana
    4. SR Gupta & PC Gupta - Delhi
    5. HS Dhariwal & Bhagat Ram - Chandigarh
    6. Col RK Bhatnagar & GP Dimri - Dehradun

    Smt Rama Jain Memorial at Delhi 2014

    Smt Rama Jain Memorial Times National Bridge Championship took place at DBA premises, Delhi from March 8-9, 2014. The results are as follows:

    1. Subhash Gupta & JM Shah 869.75 pts
    2. Manas Mukherjee & Swarnendu Banerjee 804
    3. Bimal Sikka & Marianne Karmakar 752.68
    4. Rana Roy & Sumit Mukherjee 752.41
    5. BN Rastogi & AK Sinha 746.67

    Courtesy: Sri TC Pant & TOI - website

    Lohia Memorial at Kanpur 2014

    28th Seth Sriniwas Lohia Memorial Bridge Tournament took place at Ganges Club, Kanpur from February 28 - March 1, 2014. Apart from main duplicate and pairs event there was a silver event on day 2 for non qualifiers. A consolation IMP pairs also took place on day 2. Sri Ranju Bhattacharya was CTD ably assisted by Sri Gora Roy Chaudhary, Sri Kamal Agarwal. This year's format allowed everyone to play till 3 days which should be the consideration in any major event in these days of high entry fee. The Lohia tournament organisers provide breakfast, lunch, evening snacks & dinner which eases burden on the participants in these days of high food cost and inflation. Hopefully they would maintain this tradition in future.


    41 teams took part in the duplicate event and played 9 rounds of 8 boards of swiss league to determine 7 qualifiers and one best local team for the quarter finals. 25-0 scale was used for scoring.Dhampur Sugar Mills (Ashok Goel, Sumit Mukherjee, Bhabesh Saha, KR Venkataraman, P Kushari) with 178 VPs, topped the swiss league. 114 Kolkata (A Sarkar, Manas Mukerjee, Rana Roy, AN Banerjee, Swarnendu Banerjee, Prasun Mukherjee) - 168, Maya Meera Sneha (Sukamal Das, Pranab Roy, Sankar Acharya, Sameer Basak, Debabrata Majumdar, Vijay Goel) - 165, Safron, Kolkata (Badal Das, Kajal Das, Pinaki Khan, S Bhomick, S Das) - 157, Lucknow Blue ( MA Khan, NC Bhattacharya, GN Mehrotra, NN Rastogi, Mukul Gupta, SA Abbasi) - 156, Tarkeshwar Bridge Club (S Mondal, P Mondal, BS Roy, K Ghosh, N Porel, S Mailj) - 153, Big Boss Hooghly (GK Basu, AK Hazra, A Ghosh, R Jain, M Das) - 152 & KDBP, Kanpur ( Khetrapal, DC Prahladka, Brig. Budhwar, Dr Dubey, Mrs Dubey) - 127 were other teams to qualify.In 10*2 Quarter finals Dhampur defeated KDBP, Maya Meera defeated Big Boss, 114 defeated Tarkeshwar & Lucknow Blue defeated Safron. In 10*2 Semi Finals Dhampur beat Lucknow Blue & Maya Meera edged out 114. In 12*4 Finals Dhampur emerged as winners. The winners were awarded Seth Sriniwas Lohia Memorial Trophy.

    Prizes were also given to teams ranked 8-9 in swiss league. These teams were Combination & Bridge Friends.

    There was an appeal case in SF where Ashok Goel (South for convenience) psyched 1 Spade response on partner's 1 Heart opening holding doubleton Spade and 6 carder heart and 1 or 2 HCPs. West had 23 points and made take out double and passed partner's 2 Diamond response. A cold 4 Spade by EW was missed. The appeal was not well written but committee decided that inspite of psych West didnt have a pass over 2 Diamond and should have bid 3 Hearts which would have exposed psych as his partner was void in Hearts. A lesson for all bridge players is that they should know minimum gadgets. West before passing should have enquired what North's pass meant, whether they were playing support redoubles as North had 3 carder Spade and if playing what would be the cases when they would not use support redouble also whether Spade response promised 4 card or 5 card. If you dont do this at table you lose all your rights and in all circumstances appeal would go against you. I'm for no moment accusing NS of cheating but this can be termed as sharp tactic as nromally nobody fills convention card in such tournaments. But the fact remains that EW couldnt handle baby psych.


    98 pairs played pairs event in two session on final day with seond session being played with computer dealt deals. Kingshuk Bhattacharya & Prasun Mukherjee won the trophy with 1076.92 score. The other prize winners were - SM Moin & Sunil Kumar, AN Banerjee & R Roy, BN Batra & SC Bhandari, Prabir Paul & Hasibul Hasan, Nobin Porel & S Mondal, TP Khare & Anisul Haq, Vijay Goel & Abhijit Chakraborty, RP Das & SN Ghosh, OP Tiwari & RS Misra.

    RK Newatia Trophy

    All non qualifiers of duplicate could play Silver event where 6 rounds of swiss league of 8 boards were played. 36 teams took part in the event. The winners were Rajjan, Allahabad. Other prize winners were Zugzawang, MK Mehta, Vijay Kumar, Arnab's IV & MB Club Lucknow.

    Padampat Singhania Memorial at Kanpur 2014

    Padampat Singhania Memorial Bridge Tournament took place at Kamla Club, Kanpur from February 14-16, 2014. 24 pairs took part in the event. The results are as follows:

    1st: Ashok Goel & KR Venkataraman - 661
    2nd: Dr Prabir Kumar Bera & S Mukherjee - 645
    3rd: Kaustabh Bendre & D Majumdar
    4th: Raju Tolani & K Anklesaria
    5th: Amar Nath Banerjee & RP Tripathi

    Courtesy: TOI, Lucknow 18/2/14

    Rajjan Agarwal Memorial at Allahabad 2014

    Rajjan Agarwal Memorial bridge tournament took place at Lukerganj Club, Allahabad from January 24-26, 2014. It was a state level tournament where 10 teams took part. Sri SP Sharma was director.


    Pairs event took place on January 24, 2014 where 22 Pairs participated. 26 boards were played as per ¾ Howell Movement. The results are as follows:

    1. Deepak Mitra & C.K. Bhargava -177
    2. Kr. V.N. Singh & Pradeep Singh -152.5
    3. I.N. Mulla & R. K. Gupta -145.5
    4. A. Singh & S. Dey -143.5


    Duplicate event was played on Janaury 25 & 26, 2014. 10 teams played full league of 9 rounds with 10 boards each was played. 20-0 scale was used. The results are as follows:

    1. Lucknow Green - 118.01(G. N. Mehrotra, N.C. Bhattcharya, S.A.Abbasi, T. P. Khare & Anisul Haq)
    2. Agrawal’s- 107.09 (IndreshAgrawal, C.Decruze, Pradeep Singh, Kr. V.N. Singh, S.K. Bhargava & A.K. Gupta )
    3. Lukergunj Club- 102.72 (B.G. Verma, B.N.Agrawal, J. Pandey, S.K. Biswas, Anup Deb & Dr. S.K. Moitra.)

    Courtesy: Sri S P Sharma, Allahabad

    Smt Lata Goyal Memorial at Ludhiana 2014

    Smt Lata Goyal Memorial Bridge Tournament took place at Sutlej Club, Ludhiana from January 24-25, 2014. It was a four session IMP Pairs event in which 27 pairs took part. The results are as follows:


    Best PBA Pair : 1. Dr. KANG/VINAY JAIN

    Best Mixed pair: Mrs NIKITA KAMAL/AMARJIT

    Courtesy: Sri S P Sharma, Chandigarh

    55th Winter Nationals at Ahmedabad 2013

    55th Winter Nationals took place at Karnavati Club, Ahmedabad from December 17-23, 2013. The event was organised by Gujarat Bridge Federation a non member of BFI without concurrance of Gujarat Bridge Association the official Bridge Federation body in the state of Gujarat. I think this is not a healthy trend and we are going back to old whimsical ways the BFI was run. The comparison I can remember is 2009 Winter Nationals organised at Kanpur where UP body wasnt taken into confidence with then BFI President informing me as Treasurer of UPBA that the nationals are organised by BFI and state bodies are not involved. At least Kanpur was an affiliated unit of UPBA. Having said that the event was well organised. Marriage Hall at Karnavati Club is a spacious good venue though some portions didnt have enough light. Food was tolerable to good. Amol Dalal as organising secretary did a comendable job.Directors managed the show very well. But the success of the event was solely due to Srinivasan who managed technical work and website excellently. The entire tournament was played with Bridgemates with three screens displaying results, draw etc. The only thing missing was a viewgraph screen. There are some technical things that I would like to point out - 1. In pairs event when personal score sheet are given at the beginning of the second session the play shouldnt begin immediately till correction time is over. 2. If there is no viewgraph screen then at least for Finals there should be no screens at the table. Screens are very spectator unfriendly and according to me give an impression that players are cheats. I think those who reach finals would like to win on calibre ( in hindi the term is "aukat") and not by cheating. Without screen there should be four pads and all artificial bidding explanations should be written in English in proper order. All decent players from any non English speaking countries should get working knowledge of Bridge English and numerals. WBF should develop the necessary bridge vocabulary. 3. After a deal is over cards should not be put back in the board. They should be displayed on the table properly spread out for at least 1 minute.

    Personally speaking - I'm very impressed with my own bridge development. Having reached a certain level the idea was to test myself over 7 days for first time and I passed the test with flying colours. I dont go to Winter Nationals as I dont enjoy the level of bridge in India and then there is problem of finances. Ahmedabad had air connection from Lucknow and I could enjoy nice warm hospitality of my younger cousin & his wife who lived very near venue were the reasons for attending this national. I finished 5th in Silver pairs which could have been better as one correction slip wasnt entertained. In other events the results were satisfactory considering level of players I was playing with.

    Why I say that standard in India is so poor that almost same team which finished 17th in Bermuda Bowl in Indonesia has won the duplicate championship again. If I had been captain I would have given a few more new players a chance. Got to see a few deals of the duplicate final and funny things happened. Know only approximate cards as screen and spectators was blocking view and those players playing cards were either lying or were uncooperative after the deal was over simply being incompetents.If spectators are unable to see the cards the players must inform the cards so that spectators could find par play.

    1.Couldnt see the vulnerability or deal number. N S Jxxx H AQx D Jxx C 10xx S S Kxx H x D AKQxx C K9xx E S A109x H KJ10xx D 7 x C QJ W S Qx H 98xx D 10xx C Axxx. Bidding - E 1H S x W 2H N 2S (Masha-allah) E P N 3H W P 3S P P P. Lead C Q Result -2. Play - 1. C Q K A x 2. H 9 A x x . 3. x J x x 4. D 7 x 10 J 5. S x x K x 6. C x x 10 D x (excellent play - very nice world class - if your partner can do this please double this foolish 3 Spades). NS are playing in partnership for years. Here 3 H by EW makes but went -2 in other room. 3 S should go if at all only 1 down on the bidding between any establish partnership. South did very well to pass 3 S else 4 S is on. 3NT by NS could make on Club Q lead. In the idiotic 20-0 scale these are precious IMPs.

    2. Couldnt see vulnerabilty or deal number or all cards, full deal courtesy BBO. N S A 4 H QJ63 D A7643 C 107 S S 73 H AK109 D K 5 C K8643 E Q1052 H 8542 D J C AJ72 W S KJ986 H 7 D Q10982 C Q9 Bidding not important. Contract 4 H (N) Lead H 2 Result -1. The play went fast. Declarer tried ruffing Diamonds in dummy and went one down. Its difficult to make 4 H on the lie of cards but when I asked the question to declarer after the deal dummy reversal wasnt an option for him. He is a multiple time national champion and probably has represented India. I've soft corner for him as when I was absolute raw in Mumbai about 20 years back he agreed to play with me in club pairs. This was a very big kick for me. I couldnt see all the cards so when I asked about E holding of Diamonds of West - his reply was 10 doubleton !!. With slightly more favourbale lie of Clubs even 4-2 break dummy reversal 4 H would make. To kill that D J should be led.

    To end this report a non bridge related issue. I was flying to Ahmedabad by Jet Konnect - a low cost option. Flight on 15th Dec from Lucknow was via Delhi. At Delhi when staff was changed I went and asked for some water from air hostess. I was seated on seat 18A. I never got water till Ahmedabad. Low cost airline business is grossly mismanaged in our country and there is ample scope for efficient players. On return on 24th Dec I had to change planes at Delhi. It was my first visit to new Delhi airport. The boarding pass didnt mention either terminal or gate no. The airline staff sitting before security check also didnt inform about gate number. The new Delhi airport is very spacious and is better than earlier version.But the water taps & its signs are ridiculous and there are no display signs about terminal, departure lounge or flight status or security check. Sitting space before security check is also missing. A may I help you counter should also help. If I being Indian was clueless there and had to seek help of a security personal what of foreigners.

    Uttarakhand State Championship would take place at Etlantis Club, Dehradun from December 6-7, 2014.

    Winter Nationals would take place at Sawai Man Singh Indoor Stadium, Jaipur from December 15-21, 2014.

    DN Rastogi Memorial Invitational Pairs Tournament would take place at Lucknow Club, Lucknow from December 27-28, 2014.

    Holkar Memorial Bridge Tournament would take place at Yeshwant Club, Indore from January 8 -11, 2015.

    Singhania Memorial Bridge Tournament would take place at Kamla Club, Kanpur from February 20 - 22, 2015.

    29th Seth Sriniwas Lohia Memorial Bridge Tournament would take place at Ganges Club, Kanpur from February 27 - March 1, 2015.

    Rama Jain Memorial Bridge Tournament would take place at DBA premises, Delhi from March 7-8, 2015.

    Mohan Lal Bhartia Memorial Bridge Tournament would take place at Country Inn Resorts, Sahibabad from April 2-5, 2015.

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