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Jubilee Hills Tournament at Hyderabad Winners

  • Volta (Jaggy Shivdasani, Vinay Desai, Raju Tolani, Rajeshwar Tewari, NS Rao, Keyzad Anklesaria) wins Duplicate event

  • Secunderabad Club (Ajay Deshpande, Jacob Vergheese, Rajiv, ASHK Lian) wins BAM event

  • Debashish Ray & Suman Sengupta win Pairs event

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    Madhava Prasad Memorial at Corbett Park Winners

  • Dr Sanghi (Dr Sanghi, SM Moin, Sunil Kumar, Kingshuk Bhattacharya, AB Chakraborty) wins Duplicate event

  • Navneet Swaika & Subrata Saha win Pairs event

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    6th Tolani Summer Nationals at Bengaluru Winners

  • Formidables (Jaggy Shivdasani, B Satyanarayana, Sunit Choksi, Keyzad Anklesaria) wins Gold event for Dr NP Tolani Gold Trophy

  • Jupiter, Hyderabad (Seetha Ramaiah D, Sreenuvasulu Reddy K, TVGK Murthy, Dr Gollakota Satyanarayan, DS Prakasa Rao, P Sudhakara Rao) wins Silver event for Dr NP Tolani Silver Trophy

  • Satyabrat Lahiri & Subroto Saha win IMP Pairs event

  • President Keni's Team wins Swiss Teams

  • Aloke Sadhu & Sapan Desai win Swiss Pairs

  • Dont Worry Its Fun wins Swiss Patton Teams

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  • Bridge Facilities in India
  • In this section I would be putting together all the information regarding bridge facilities in the various cities in India. I try to update any new information on the existing cities as soon as I get them but as information collection is not perfected some of the information may be outdated or incomplete.Ever since inception of this webpage a few other Indian websites have also come up so if you are looking for more information on Indian bridge you may look at links section of this webpage and check out Indian websites.

    Lucknow Allahabad Varanasi Kanpur Dehradun Delhi Chandigarh Jaipur Mumbai Pune Nagpur Asansol Durgapur Bengaluru Chennai Jamshedpur Indore Ahmedabad Hyderabad Panaji

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  • Tournament News
  • In this section I would cover mostly tournaments happening in India and from perspective of performance of Indian & Uttar Pradesh bridge players. For an infrequent visitor of this website, the "new" things in this section are tournament reports of past six months though the reports of past one year are carried.The tournament report part of the news is in orange shade whereas tournament calender part of news is in green shade.

    Madhava Prasad Memorial at Corbett Park 2016

    Madhava Prasad Memorial Bridge Tournament took place at Riverview Retreat Resort, Corbett Park from July 21-24, 2016. This was 25th edition of this tournament which for last few years been known as Madhava Prasad Memorial. Corbett Park is a Wild Life Sanctuary located in state of Uttarakhand in North India. The venue for bridge tournament is a scenic resort besides river Kosi. The entry fee in comparison to prize money is little stiff but the place is worth visiting. The playing conditions were very good and so was food and cottages for stay. Sri Ranju Bhattacharya was CTD and Sri TC Pant did technical management.


    44 teams took part in the event and were divided into three groups of 15 (Group A), 14 (Group B) & 15 (Group C) teams. Group A & C played 15 rounds & Group B 13 rounds of full league of 8 boards each. Top 2 teams form each group were assured of qualification to Super league. The three third placed teams played 4 boards sudden death to determine two other qualifiers which completed Super league of 8 teams. The qualifiers from the group stage are as follows:

    Group A
    1. Dr Sanghi (Dr Sanghi, SM Moin, Sunil Kumar, Kingshuk Bhattacharya, AB Chakraborty) - 208.74 VPs
    2. PK Thakur (PK Thakur, Manoj Dey, Gaurav Banerjee, Dipak Santra) - 196.87 VPs
    3. Anoop Dhawan (Anoop Dhawan, SK Bandopadhyay, Shambhu Nath Ghosh, Biswajit Poddar, Rana Roy, Prasun Mukherjee) - 196.67 VPs

    Group B
    1. Dhampur Sugar Mills (Ashok Goel, B Satyanarayana, KR Venkatraman, Bhabesh Saha, JM Shah) - 196.28 VPs
    2. Sarthak Behuria (Sarthak Behuria, Paresh Gupta, Sandeep Karmarkar, Arvind Gupta, Marianne Karmarkar) - 188.04 VPs
    3. Rampage (Manish Bahuguna, Sandeep Thakral, Soumya Das, Somesh Bhattacharya) - 186.99 VPs

    Group C
    1. Mukul Gupta (Mukul Gupta, SA Abbasi, Shantanu Rastogi, TP Khare, Virendra Singh, Anil Bansal) - 214.93 VPs
    2. Lucky (Ramkrishna Mazumdar, Kalyan Mukherjee, Busu Bhattacharjee, Kamal Naguri) - 214.27 VPs
    3. Maya Meera (Vijay Goel, Satyabrata Mukherjee, Sameer Basak, Alok Daga, Pinaki Khan, Sunil Bhatia) - 202 VPs

    In the sudden death between Anoop Dhawan, Rampage & Maya Meera, Rampage got eliminated.

    The super league was of 7 rounds of 10 boards each. The super league results are as follows:

    1. Dr Sanghi
    2. Maya Meera
    3. Anoop Dhawan
    4. Dhampur Sugar Mills
    5. Mukul Gupta
    6. Sarthak Behuria
    7. Lucky
    8. PK Thakur


    76 pairs played took part in the event and played two sessions. The results are as follows:

    1. Subrata Saha & Navneet Swaika- 852.06
    2. Tapan Kumar Roy & Sailesh Das - 848.79
    3. Swapan Ghosh & Sujit Basu - 843.1
    4. Sukalyan Sarkar & Abhijit Chakravorty - 839.26
    5. Atanu Ganguly & KK Ganguly - 816.14
    6. Asha Sharma & TC Pant - 815.46
    7. Sutunu Behuria & Arvind Gupta - 813.96
    8. S Sen & K Lahiri - 812.16
    9. Kamlesh Gupta & Kajal Das - 809.1
    10. Manish Bahuguna & Sandeep Thakral - 801.53

    World Wide Bridge Contest 2016

    The 2016 World Wide Bridge Contest is an exciting, revised Contest for 2016 with an amazing prize for the winning pairs – qualification to a Final to be held in Beijing, China.The new contest will comprise six simultaneous pairs events to be held on Tuesday 26th & Thursday 28th April, Monday 9th and Wednesday 11th May and culminating with the final two on the traditional dates of Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th June. Clubs may enter one or more of the events.From these events, 13 pairs will qualify for a 3-day final to be held in Beijing, China from 23rd - 25th September, joining a further 7 pairs from China, to play the 3-day final which will be played using BBO software. Pairs participating in the final will have free B&B accommodation in double room, with free in-room Internet access offered by the Organization Committee. In addition the Organization Committee will provide each overseas player with US$1600 as subsidies for the round transportation expenses. The final will have a prize fund of US$ 20,000.The 13 winning pairs will be selected as follows: the winning pair from each of the six simultaneous pairs events, then The winners from each Continent not having won an individual session PROVIDED they have scored over 55% then The highest scoring pairs in 2nd place in any session to complete the required number of pairs in the final provided they are not already eligible as a result of being a winner of one of the six tournaments or a "continental" winner. WBF Year points will be awarded to the winning pairs from each heat.

    The results are as follows:

    Tuesday, April 26, 2016 #3458

  • Details: 599 Pairs in 38 Clubs of 16 Countries took part worldwide.

  • Winner: Papadakis N & Akasiadis I (Oamxn, Greece) 71.98%

  • India: 49 Pairs in 3 Clubs took part. Lucknow -10, Guwahati - 16, KSBA, Bengaluru - 23. Rajesh Warrior & Mukesh Ghatiya (KSBA) were first in India with 62.98%.

  • Lucknow: 1. AK Sinha & SQ Wajahat 61.77% Rank 24 Local - Rank 1 66.67%, 2. Mukul Goel & Arun Srivastava 60.27% Rank 41 Local - Rank 2 61.11%

  • Thursday, April 28, 2016 #3698

  • Details: 555 Pairs in 39 Clubs of 18 Countries took part worldwide.

  • Winner: Luwen Koh & Wen Yuan Tan (Singpore CBA, Singapore) 72.83%

  • India: 42 Pairs in 2 Clubs took part. Guwahati - 16, KSBA, Bengaluru - 26. AS Gupta & Uttam Gupta (KSBA) were first in India with 63.71%.

  • Monday, May 9, 2016 #4516

  • Details: 616 Pairs in 41 Clubs of 18 Countries took part worldwide.

  • Winner: AS Gupta & Uttam Gupta (KSBA, Bengaluru) 69.73%

  • India: 10 Pairs in 1 Clubs took part. KSBA, Bengaluru - 10.

  • Wednesday, May 11, 2016 #4627

  • Details: 574 Pairs in 38 Clubs of 14 Countries took part worldwide.

  • Winner: Evaggelos Fotopoulos & Georgios Hatzikonstandis (Piraes Bridge Club, Greece) 70.28%

  • India: 37 Pairs in 3 Clubs took part. Lucknow -10, Guwahati - 18, KSBA, Bengaluru - 9. Mukul Goel & Arun Srivastava (Lucknow) were first in India with 63.62%.

  • Lucknow: 1. Mukul Goel & Arun Srivastava 63.62% Rank 15 Local - Rank 2 56.94%, 2. Dr DC Gupta & GN Mehrotra 58.12% Rank 79 Local - Rank 3 55.56%.

  • Friday, June 3, 2016 #5213

  • Details: 3513 Pairs in 236 Clubs of 30 Countries took part worldwide.

  • Winner: Sighinolfi Fransesco & Saccomani Massimo (Portland Club, Italy) 72.33%

  • India: 106 Pairs in 6 Clubs of 5 Cities took part. Lucknow -9, Guwahati - 13, KSBA, Bengaluru - 6, Delhi -24, Kolkata - Calcutta Club A - 26 & Calcutta Club B - 28. Satyabrat Lahiri & Ajay Bagaria (Calcutta Club A) were first in India with 65.67%.

  • Lucknow:1. MM Nangia & Kamal Agarwal 60.67% Rank 249 Local - Rank 1 60.42%, 2. Mukul Goel & Arun Srivastava 57% Rank 605 Local - Rank 3 52.08%

  • Saturday, June 4, 2016 #6425

  • Details: 3563 Pairs in 203 Clubs of 25 Countries took part worldwide.

  • Winner: Carlos Luiz & Miguel Teixeira (FPB 400 Associacao de Bridge da Madeira, Portugal) 73.85%

  • India: 129 Pairs in 7 Clubs of 5 Cities took part. Lucknow -9, Guwahati - 13, Delhi -22, Kolkata - Calcutta Club A - 22 & Calcutta Club B - 24, Pune - Poona Region Group A - 20 & Poona Region Group B - 19. Dr Behere Rajendra & Nitin Shirole (Poona Region Group B) were first in India with 67.82%.

  • Lucknow:1. Mukul Goel & Arun Srivastava 55.86% Rank 765 Local - Rank 1 60.67%, 2. AK Sinha & JS Kaul 53.08% Rank 1234 Local - Rank 2 59.17%

  • The 30th World Wide Bridge Contest is Organized by the WBF in cooperation with CCBA (China Contract Bridge Association) & Beijing Lianzhong Interactive Network Inc. 13 qualified pairs would be joined by 7 pairs qualified from online bridge events in China. The final will have a prize fund of US$ 20,000.

    The 13 qualified pairs are:

    The winning pairs from each session were:

    Set 1 : Papadakis N & Akasiadis I ( Oamxn, Greece )
    Set 2 : Luwen Koh & Wen Yuan Tan ( Singapore CBA, Singapore )
    Set 3 : A S Gupta & Uttam Gupta ( Ksba, India )
    Set 4 : Evaggelos Fotopoulos & Georgios Hatzikonstandis ( Piraeus bridge club, Greece )
    Set 5 : Sighinolfi Francesco & Saccomani Massimo ( Portland Club, Italy )
    Set 6 : Carlos Luiz & Miguel Teixeira ( FPB 400 Associação de Bridge da Madeira, Portugal )

    Represented continents: Europe and Asia

    The highest placed pairs from the other three continents, namely Africa, America and Oceania are the next pairs invited:

    AFRICA : BELLAZREG Wissem & MESTIRI Anas ( Sheraton Bridge Club, Tunisia ) from Set 6 (73.50%)
    AMERICA : Paul Benedict & Lynn Jones ( Bridge Club Of Baltimore, USA ) also set 6 (71.90%)
    OCEANIA : Sue & Gary Hollands, (SA Bridge Assoc Purple, Australia) Set 4 (67&) replacing Jane Sharley & Bette Backhouse who were unable to accept the invitation.

    Finally the four highest scoring second placed pairs will be invited to the final:

    From set 1 : Kimiko Endo & Alan Sia ( The Japanese Association_ SG, Singapore ) 70.01%
    From set 2 : Joan Jaggard & Keith Jaggard ( Stansfield, England ) 71.82%
    From set 3 : Anthea De Alwis & Asoka Jayasinghe ( Vajira Bridge Center, Sri Lanka ) 68.51%
    From set 5 : Fiore Andrea & Censi Roberta ( Bridge Latina, Italy ) 72.01

    The clubs at which the pairs played will now be contacted and the players invited to contact Anna Gudge who will pass their details to the organisers of the Final in Beijing in order that the necessary arrangements can be made.

    Courtesy: as on 9/6/16 3:30 hrs India Time, WBF Website

    Alexander Athletic Club Meerut 2016

    6th Alexander Athletic Club Bridge Tournament was held at Alexander Club, Meerut on 21st & 22nd May, 2016. Two events were held - Duplicate team event for Nimita Agarwal Trophy and Pairs event for Surendra Singh Gupta Trophy.13 teams from UP, Uttarakhand, Delhi, MP, Haryana and Chandigarh participated in the tournament. Participation was less than expected due to excessive heat condition in North India. The Alexander Club is nice venue for bridge with limited number of teams and proved to be a nice host providing breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner for the participants. We need such generaous hosts to promote bridge in UP. Meerut Bridge Association led by Justice BP Singh & Sri CP Agarwal desreves all the credit. Sri Rakesh Goel looked after press coverage very well. Sri RP Bhatnagar was CTD assisted by Sri GP Dimri. Sri TC Pant did the technical management. The results are as follows:


    On 21st May 6 rounds of 10 boards each for duplicate team event swiss league were played and 4 teams qualified for the next round. On 22nd the qualified teams played 3 rounds of 14 boards each to decide the final rankings.The final rankings were as under:

    1. Nimita Agarwal Trophy winner
    Pradeep's Four, Varanasi/ Delhi 33.36 VPs, Swiss league 73.1 VPs
    1. Kr Vijayanand Singh
    2. Subhash Gupta
    3. Pradeep Singh
    4. S Behura

    2. Bridge Friends, Lucknow/ Aligarh/ Haryana 32.71 VPs, Swiss league 76.58 VPs
    1. Virendra Singh
    2. Dr Abrar Ahmad
    3. TP Khare
    4. Shantanu Rastogi
    5. Sant Prakash Sharma
    6. RP Misra

    3. Rab Rakha, Delhi 32.05 VPs, Swiss league 77.67 VPs
    1. Ambarish Wadera
    2. Ashok Girdhar
    3. V Ravichandran
    4. Anil Bharioke

    4. JK IV, Meerut 21.88 VPs, Swiss league 72.89 VPs
    1. ML Jain
    2. Sanjay Jain
    3. Vakul Arren
    4. JK Agarwal
    5. Ravindra Singh


    On 22nd May Matchpoint pair contest was held and 18 pairs took part in it. They played all play all 17 rounds of 2 boards each. The results are:

    1. Surendra Singh Gupta Trophy winner
    Vijay Goel & NK Gupta - Delhi

    2. DK Tiwari & R Chakravorty - Delhi
    3. PC Gupta & Vijay Kumar - Delhi
    4. SP Sharma & AP Singh - Allahabad

    Himachal Open Bridge Tournament at Solan 2016

    Himachal Open BridgeTournament took place at Himani Resort, Solan from May 6-8, 2016. 24 teams took part in the event. They played 9 rounds of Swiss league and 3 rounds of Danish league to determine winners. The results are as follows:

    1. Anoop Dhawan
    2. Arun Jain
    3. Sutanu Behuria
    5. RS Misra (RS Misra, BG Verma, BN Agarwal, RK Shukla, Pravin Agarwal, Vipin Rai)

    Courtesy: Sri S P Sharma, Chandigarh

    National Open Bridge Tournament at Chandigarh 2016

    A National Open Bridge Tournament took place at Hotel Aroma, Chandigarh from April 8-10, 2016. The results are as follows:


    22 teams swiss league.

    1. Engineers
    2. Sutanu Behuria
    3. Arun Jain
    4. PBA-1
    5. PBA-3
    6. Target


    42 pairs.

    1. Rajesh Jain & Prasun
    2. B Poddar & Shambhu Nath Ghosh
    3. Subhash Gupta & K Bhattacharya
    4. RS Misra & BN Agarwal

    Sri ML Panghotra & Sri SM Joshi were directors.

    Courtesy: Sri Sant Prakash Sharma, Chandigarh

    Smt Rama Jain Memorial at Delhi 2016

    The 35th ALL INDIA TIMES NATIONAL PAIRS BRIDGE CHAMPIONSHIP 2016 for RAMA JAIN Trophy was held at Delhi Bridge Association building on 19th & 20th March 2016. Each State Association is requested to send their pairs (the quota of pairs for each state association is pre-fixed) after conducting a local trials within their association. The tourney also includes few pairs of sponsors and few invitee pairs.

    26 pairs participated this year and played an all-play-all on each day. The event was divided into 4 sessions and there were prizes for session winners as well.

    The final results are:

    1. Subhash Gupta - Rajeshwar Tewari (Delhi) 711.61
    2. Arun Bapat - Maneesh Bahuguna (Maharashtra/ Delhi) 681.87
    3. V M Lal - R Bhiwandikar (Maharashtra) 679.77
    4. Rajesh Jain - Ajay Ghosh (West Bengal) 660.36
    5. Chandan Chowdhury - Chandan Mitra (West Bengal) 643.25
    6. Manas Mukherjee - Rana Roy (West Bengal) 637.60
    7. Namit Sharma - Sudhir Aggarwal - Kanwaljit Singh (Delhi) 632.14
    8. Asha Sharma - Dr Nikita Kamal (Delhi) 629.07
    9. Shantanu Rastogi - T P Khare (UP) 616.15
    10. B S Pradhan - P K Mishra (Odisha) 615.32

    The 1st prize was of Rs. 60,000 & the 2nd prize of Rs. 30,000. The 3rd to 5th prizes were also worth Rs. 15,000, 12,000 & 10,000 respectively. Prizes till 9th position were awarded.

    There were session prizes (1st - Rs. 1500 & 2nd Rs. 800) for the session winners as well The Session winners were:


    1. Anil Bharihoke - V Ravi Chandran 193.64
    2. Subhash Gupta - Rajeshwar Tewari 185.45


    1. V M Lal - R Bhiwandikar 202.67
    2. Subhash Gupta - Rajeshwar Tewari 181.33


    1. Manas Mukherjee - Rana Roy 184.91
    2. Namit Sharma - Sudhir Aggarwal 165.27

    1. Rajesh Jain - Ajay Ghosh 202.71
    2. Subhash Gupta - Rajeshwar Tewari 194.83

    Courtesy: Sri TC Pant on Indianbridgecontacts

    Lohia Memorial at Kanpur 2016

    30th Seth Sriniwas Lohia Memorial Bridge Tournament took place at Ganges Club, Kanpur from March 4-6, 2016. The tournament from last year is being played in the format where apart from main duplicate and pairs event there is a silver event on day 2 for non qualifiers which allowed everyone to play on all 3 days. Lohia tournament ,organised by Sri JK Lohia in memory of his father, is known for its flawless hospitality year after year which includes providing for breakfast & dinner apart from lunch & evening snacks in the entry fee. Sri Ranju Bhattacharya was CTD assisted by myself and Kamal Agarwal. Sri Gajendra Singh did the scoring.

    Duplicate - Seth Sriniwas Lohia Trophy

    This year February and March has packed schedule as far as bridge tournaments are concerned. This resulted in tournament attracting lesser number of entries than last year. BFI is well advised to allot one certain month each to all the major events in its calendar and the smaller events should be played around them which would lead to increased participation and happy and enthusiastic organisers. 34 teams ,down 10 from last year, took part in the duplicate event and played 9 rounds of 8 boards of swiss league to determine 7 qualifiers and one best local team for the quarter finals from where event was played in knockouts. Finals was of 48 boards. 20-0 scale was used for scoring swiss league.The results are as follows:

  • Winners - Dhampur Sugar Mills (Ashok Goel, KR Venkatraman, Sumit Mukherjee, D Majumdar, Pritish Kushari, Bhabesh Saha)

  • Runners up RK Lohia Trophy - Aswini Oil (Subrata Saha, Snehashish Roy, Chinmoy Chakraborty, Pinaki Prasad Khan, Anirban Mitra)

  • Losing SFs

  • Arnab IV (D Santra, A Dutta, A Bose, S Majumder, S Bhattacharya, S Das)

  • Rabrakha (Asha Sharma, Devi Bhatnagar, V Ravichandran, Anil Bharihoke)

  • Losing QFs

  • Maya Meera (Satyabrat Mukherjee, S Basak, Avijit Chakraborty, S Bhatia)

  • Bankura Card Club (S Banerjee, S Das, S Ganguly, S Roy, T Roy)

  • Anoop Dhawan (Anoop Dhawan, SK Bandopadhyay, Subhash Gupta, Rana Roy, B Poddar, SN Ghosh)

  • Best KBA team - Ganges Kanpur (AK Srivastava, SP Agnihotri, Vikas Gupta, HS Dua, Ashok Mishra)

  • Prizes were also given to teams ranked 8 & 9 in swiss league. These teams were Rahara Card Club (Sanat Roy, SP Roy, KD Chaudhary, Swetadri Saha, W Chakraborty, Prodyut Bhattacharya) & Tasher Desh (K Gupta, P Paul, S Basu, JN Roy, Ashoke Dey).
    Best KBA Team (other than qualified team): SPSBA, Kanpur (P Chakraborty, PK Halder, BN Batra, Dr IP Jain, SK Ganguly, A Srivastava).

    Matchpoint Pairs - MP Jhujhunwala Trophy

    76 pairs ,down 8 from last year, played pairs event in two sessions of 20 boards each on final day with both sessions being played with computer dealt deals. The results are as follows:

  • Winners - Satyabrat Mukherjee & Samir Basak

  • Runners up HC Nigam Trophy - SK Roy & SP Roy

  • 3. Vipin Rai & Wg Cdr (retd) GK Johri (Lucknow)
    4. Sayantan Kushari & Sagnik Roy
    5. Sukanta Das & Tapas Kumar Roy
    6. Biswajit Poddar & Sambhu Nath Ghosh
    7. Dr IP Jain & BN Batra
    8. S Majumder & S Das
    9. Balai Paul & Ashim Kumar Ghosh
    10. Arnab Ghosh & Gautam Biswam

    Best KBA Pairs: 1. SP Agnihotri & Ashok Mishra 2. Arun Singhania & KC Mehrotra

    Silver - RK Newatia Trophy

    All non qualifiers of duplicate event could play Silver event where 6 rounds of swiss league of 8 boards were played. 26 teams ,down 9 from last year, took part in the event. The results are as follows:

  • Winners - LM Juniors (Joyrup Mullick, Vaskar Sarkar, Aritra Bhattacharya, A Sarkar, Sayantan Kushari, Sagnik Roy)

  • Runners up BM Prahladaka trophy - A Nag ( AK Nag, DS Roychaudhary, S Mondal, B Dutta, AK Bose, D Ray)

  • 3. Vibrant (MK Haldar, T Dasgupta, PS Mukherjee, A Sanyal, Chandan Chaudhari, PK Jana)
    4. Rahara Card Club (Sanat Roy, SP Roy, KD Chaudhary, Swetadri Saha, W Chakraborty, Prodyut Bhattacharya)
    5. Loosers (Girish Kumar, VK Tiwari, Deepak Srivastava, Sunil Kumar, Ravinder Kumar)
    6. Bridge Lovers, Lucknow (SQ Wajahat, Mukul Goel, RP Narain, RA Siddiqui)

    Best KBA team: SPSBA, Kanpur (P Chakraborty, PK Halder, BN Batra, Dr IP Jain, SK Ganguly, A Srivastava).

    Courtesy: Sri Kailash Singh

    Sir Padampat Singhania Memorial at Kanpur 2016

    Sir Padampat Singhania Memorial Bridge Tournament took place at Kamla Club, Kanpur from February 26-28, 2016. 24 pairs took part in the event. They played 23 rounds of all play all of 7 boards each matches.The results are as follows:

    1. Jaggy Shivdasani - Swarnendu Banerjee 819 VPs
    2. Subhash Dhakras & R Sridharan - 814
    3. Ashok Goel & Sumit Mukherjee - 792
    4. Gopinath Manna & A Chakraborty - 787
    5. Raju Tolani & Keyzad Anklesaria - 777
    6. Bhabesh Saha & S Basak - 770

    Courtesy: ToI, Lucknow 29/2/16

    Rajjan Agarwal Memorial Tournament at Allahabad 2016

    Rajjan Agarwal Memorial Bridge Tournament took place at Allahabad from February 6-7, 2016. The results are as follows:


    18 pairs took part in the event. The results are as follows:

    1. Bal Agrawal & SP Srivastava
    2. P Agrawal & Maboodullah
    3. S Chaterjee & P Bose
    4. IK Agrawal & S Agrawal


    7 teams took part in the event. The results are as follows:

    1. Rajjan (Bal Agrawal, SP Srivastva, P Bose, S Chaterjee)
    2. RS Mishra (RS Mishra, OP Tewari, BN Agrawal, J Pandey)

    Courtesy: Sri SP Sharma, Allahabad

    All India Bridge Tournament at Lucknow 2015

    An All India Bridge Tournament took place at VKS Varadan Auditorium, Geological Survey of India, Aliganj, Lucknow from December 11-13, 2015. The tournament was organised by Lucknow Bridge Association (LBA) of which I am Hony Secretary. The participation was poor for an All India tournament with 22 teams participating. But what was dished out by us was a disaster. This is perhaps the most shameful episode in the illustrious history of LBA. I fervently apologise to all bridge participants for the treatment which has been meted out to them. To begin with we charged participants the sort of entry fee which bigger tournaments charge but our hospitality didnt match that. We couldnt even give the prize money which we promised in the prospectus. If the tournament was supposed to be for promotion of bridge in Lucknow and UP it did just the opposite. We have perperated a fraud and I hope LBA and BAUP is not blacklisted by BFI for cheating bridge community. I would not go into blame game of who in LBA is responsible for this mess but I feel I have let down those who gave me the opportunity to hold various posts in LBA ever since I returned to Lucknow in 1996. Any prize money tournament with substantial prize money can not be organised without a big sponsor and your funds should be tied up before you invite bridge players. Here we did nothing of that sort. We were hoping on funds raised through souvenir ads, donations and entry fee. Those who organise the tournaments would know that when one or more of this causes shortfall what happens to finances. If bridge tournaments become a vehicle for self promotion without planning the execution suffers. Having organised a few state championships in Lucknow as LBA Secretary where I was organising secretary also I know only a few people work. The association members think that once they have elected someone their job ends and all the work should be done by committee members. There is no big deal in having a post in executive committee of 20 people with total membership of association being around 40. Those who are lured into major posts dont even look at their health when they accept the association post and hence the workload for any organisational work. I am writing all this that because I am peeved. I could see this mess when the shoddy prospectus was made yet I didnt vociferously oppose this hoping that we should be able to hold a middle level tournament as these people did organise All India tournaments in late 90s where around 30 teams participated. Our association is financially stable and I am ashamed that LBA was not taken in confidence before reducing the prize money. We have used association funds for Golden Jubilee celebration of LBA to mark which we organised UP state championship and have also loaned some money as working capital for this tournament so we could have given some more but surreptiously reducing prize money is simply not done. The least we could do was to apologise then and there and explain our financial position. But the question is why should someone who has paid hefty entry fee should bother about our financial position. We are also trying to get some funds from UP govt for this tournament but I hope we dont play the same con job on them as govt money for sports is primarily supposed to promote sports and if not utilised well there should go to poor and needy people. I would raise this issue in the EC meeting when accounts are presented and hope we can send the difference of correct prize money to the given prize money to the winners. For the benefit of participants this was the prize money given:

    Prize Money Disbursed

    19/01/2016 - I am told that additional Rs 44000/- worth of prize money of outstation teams & pairs have been credited in their accounts. Apart from this additional Rs 14000/- worth of the prize money have been given to local teams & pairs. So the total prize money disbursed is Rs 2 lacs. Any team & pair not finding additional amount in their account may please contact me.

    Whatever tournament we had was well managed by Sri Ranju Bhattacharya as CTD. We had computer dealt boards ably managed by Sri Chetan Raval. We thank Delhi Bridge Association (Sri TC Pant/ Sri Paresh Gupta), Varanasi Bridge Association (Kr Vijayanand Singh/ Sri Amar Bose) and Allahabad Bridge Association (Sri RS Misra/ Sri Shankar Chatterjee) for sending bidding boxes. We also thank GSI for providing the venue.

    Results & Masterpoints awarded

    74th SC Deb Memorial Tournament at Allahabad 2015

    74th SC Deb Memorial Bridge Tournament took place at Allahabad from September 26-27, 2015. The results are as follows:


    18 pairs took part in the event. The results are as follows:

    1. RK Shukla & BG Verma
    2. OP Tiwari & S Askari
    3. R Bagga & R Bhartiya


    7 teams took part in the event. The results are as follows:

    1. RS Misra, BN Agrawal, SP Sharma & AP Singh
    2. Deepak Chatterjee , SP Srivastava , Shanker Chaterjee, Pintoo Bose

    Courtesy: Sri SP Sharma, Allahabad

    Kr Murli Manohar Memorial at Nainital 2015

    2nd Kr Murli Manohar Memorial Bridge Tournament took place at Naini Retreat, Nainital from September 10-13, 2015. The tournament is sponsored by Sri Ashok Goel & Sri Vijay Goel of Dhampur Sugar Mills in memory of their father. Sri Ranju Bhattacharya was CTD ably assisted by Sri Sanjay Chakraborty. The tournament's format allowed everyone to play for all the 4 days. The tournament is played at a new venue in Nainital which is barely convenient for the guests of the hotel. Those who are staying outside shouldnt consider particpiation especially if they are elderly. One participant had health problem and had to be admitted to hospital in Haldwani. I am not blaming organisers but the hotel is not built in such away that a very big bridge tournament can be organised there without any glitches. The organisers promised improvements but I would not advise elderly bridge players to consider particpation until unless they stay at the venue itself.


    32 teams took part in the duplicate event and played 10 rounds of 10 boards of swiss league to determine 8 qualifiers for he super league. 20-0 scale was used for scoring. The swiss league qualifiers:

    1. Anoop Dhawan (Anoop Dhawan, SK Bandopadhyay, Subhash Gupta, K Bhattacharya, Prasun Mukherjee) - 131.32
    2. Lucknow Blue (Mukul Gupta, SA Abbasi, Virendra Singh, Anil Bansal) - 127.61
    3. Dhampur Sugar Mills A (Pritish Kushari, Bhabesh Saha) - 123.15
    4. Rohit Wrappers (Ajay Vaish, SN De Sarkar, Pranab Bardhan, Pinaki Khan, Kamlesh Gupta) - 123.14
    5. Dhampur Sugar Mills Seniors (Ashok Goel, KR Venkatraman, Alok Sadhu, Badal Das) - 122.77
    6. Boat House Club A (Ajay Agarwal, Om Hari Agarwal, Virendra Jhunjhunwala, Arvind Prasad) - 116.63
    7. Arun Jain (Arun Jain, Jaggy Shivdasani, JM Shah, Swarnendu Banerjee, Manas Mukherjee) - 114.96
    8. Boat House Club B (Pradeep Singh, Kr Vijayanand Singh, Sunil Machar, NK Gupta) - 114.56

    The qualifers played super league of 8 boards with common boards. The super league results are:

    1. Dhampur Sugar Mills Seniors - 124.32
    2. Anoop Dhawan - 111.17
    3. Dhampur Sugar Mills A - 109.4
    4. Rohit Wrappers - 99.54
    5. Boat House Club B - 82.77
    6. Boat House Club A - 80
    7. Arun Jain - 75.28
    8. Lucknow Blue - 71.34

    Silver Trophy

    All non qualifiers of duplicate could play Silver event where 7 rounds of swiss league of 8 boards were played. 24 teams took part in the event.The results are as follows:

    1. DM's IV (CP Agarwal, Pulak Garg, RP Bhatnagar, RK Bhatnagar) - 120.94
    2. Mohit Mehta - 106.18
    3. Jesu's IV - 105
    4. SN Chatterjee's IV - 104.35
    5. Arun Duggar - 104.01
    6. Diamond - 103.37


    58 pairs played pairs event in one session on final day with computer dealt deals with IMP scoring. The results are as follows:

    1. RM Gupta & Dr SM Joshi - 56
    2. Pinaki Khan & Kamlesh Gupta - 47
    3. Satyabrat Mukherjee - Abhijit Chakraborty - 44
    4. PR Singh Roy - Ashim Ghosh - 43
    5. Girish Kumar - Ratnesh - 42
    6. Sunil Bhatia - Mukesh Shivdasani - 40

    HCL Bridge Championship at Sahibabad 2015

    HCL Bridge Championship took place at Country Inn & Suites, Sahibabad from August 20-23, 2015. The flagship duplicate event was played in Gold and Silver categories with gold attracting 29 teams and silver 40 teams. Both categories played 8 rounds of swiss league with common boards to determine 16 pre quarter finalists which were divided into 4 groups and played full league to determine top 2 teams to move into knockout stage beginning with QF followed with SF and Finals/ Play off for 3rd place.

    Formidables (Kiran Nadar, B Satyanarayana, B Prabhakar, R Tiwari, Sunit Chokshi, K Ankelsaria) won the duplicate event defeating Dhampur Sugar Mills (Ashok Goel, KR Venkatraman, Sumit Mukherjee, Bhabesh Saha, Pritish Kushari) in the 48 board gold final and thus winning Naresh Tandan trophy.

    Dr Sanghi (Dr Sanghi, SM Moin, Sunil, SC Bhandari, Ratnesh, RA Siddiqui) won the Silver event

    Matchpoint pairs for Neena Bonnerji trophy was won by Alok Sadhu & Subrata Saha

    The detailed results including hand records are available at

    It was a pleasure to come to this venue second time in the year after Bhartia event in April..Sudhir Agarwal and TC Pant along with Prithvi Singh managed techincal side flawlessly. Directors led by CTD Ranju Bhattacharya and assisted by SP Sharma, VK Sharma, Narsing Rao & Sanjay Chakraborty did their job efficiently. Chetan Raval did set some good challenging deals reminding me that that the system I was playing with my partner has gaps forcing me to innovate which succeded sometimes but failed at times. Buddy Shah, Meenal Thakur & Pramod Sawant did the BBO work.

    The venue is nice, hospitality is good, format is nice, prize money is good but participation was moderate. I was wondering about this but was told that due to a high level interest in the Transnational event in the World Team Championship at Chennai in September/October some teams opted out. The Indian teams participation in the transnationals has become proportional to our population. A phenomenol 87 teams have registered for it as if this is some kind of pilgrimage. The quality of field of Transnationals would go down several notches and several notches and one can not even discount some unfair tanking by teams who dont have a chance. So in swiss league a last round 20s may just give a few host teams unfair advantage. See the irony. In Indian National events most of the teams dont want to play in more competitive and tough Gold category but those who dont even want to play in Silver want to play in tough international field. I dont expect most of these teams to be in top half and most of the players we have are retired from their professions so there is not even the possibilty of this participation adding to their resume. I think the idea of World Team Championship is not to popularise bridge. There are open events for that. So if you want to give an event to those who dont qualify in the main event you shouldnt be making mockery of serious participation. So you see I am not going for this pilgrimage. My money is hard earned and if I want to play and practice against Indian teams in bottom half there are many Indian tournaments for that where I would have to spend lesser amount. Some would call this sour grapes but this makes me even happier.

    Personally tournament wasnt too bad. Our scratch team exclusively from UP reached PreQF in Silver event which is an achievement in itself given the standards we have.

    An event occurred though which disppointed me and spoiled the fun a bit. I lost my Smartphone on which I had blown Rs 8000 while trying to get down from the metro at Vaishali Metro Station. Vaishali is the last stop and the same Metro goes on return route with huge number of people trying to go get in. It disappoints to see that people dont even follow basic rule of allowing people to get down before they board in. I have seen this happening in the ordinary local trains in Mumbai. It pains me to see that people are in such a hurry even for AC comfort. We as a country have huge population pressure. Metro provides a better way to commute and it is our duty that we maintain it. The metro is there for their own comfort. It pains me to see that even at last stop where metro would take good amount of time as stopage people dont even want to stand in queues. I think we owe each other this much courtesy. Its not just the metro it goes for any other government provided facilities. We may have differences with govt on many things but those facilities provided by govt are our own. Whenever we have any agitation against govt on any minor issues the buses/trains are burnt, public places are vandalised. Our anger is against govt but the facilities are for us only. If we destroy them it would make our life difficult. We are a poor nation where there is resource crunch. If we preserve our public property a lot of money can go into providing amenties for ordinary citizens. If one is angry with a particular govt the best way is to boot that govt out in the next election and ensure that they never come back. Venting anger on public property is not correct. To cut the long story short losing a mobile is a big hassle in modern world especially on move. You are suddenly cut off from everyone and then in our country there is a possibilty of misuse of sim. The govt run mobile company and other operators should have a facility of blocking such sim immediately over phone like what happens with lost credit card. I didnt have iota of time to look around for police station to file fir and had to wait till my return to Lucknow to file an fir in Lucknow becuase of this absurd system. You need to develop a system for this and can charge a little sum towards it at the time of sim issuence. Losing a phone is a very common occurrence and customer and police shouldnt be taxed for it. It is ridiculous to expect police to track down a lost mobile phone. The filing of fir for mobile is pure wastage of their precious time and that is why at times police may be refusing to file fir as it unecessarily have a bearing on crime rate in their area though this doesnt mean petty criminals shouldnt be caught. Police should be alerted if sufferer feels like but that is separate from necessity of fir for blocking or duplicate sim. I think somebody pickpocketed my phone in pushing and shoving as it couldnt have fallen of my jeans front pocket but I simply didnt have time to alert the police. To expect Vaishali police to track it down is a bit too much as the pickpocketer may have run off to or belonged to some other area. The crime couldnt even have been caught on cctv so the fir business is a bit ridiculous. If there had been a queue at Vaishali station I wouldnt have lost my phone. Now moot question is wont somebody ask a question that when mobile was lost in Vaishali, Ghaziabad why the fir is in Lucknow ? Isnt mobile company being misled ? The answer is that isnt my mobile is actually lost and its none of mobile company's business where it was lost. And if they dont accept that I would change my service provider to a one which is more customer friendly.

    45th UP State Bridge Championship at Meerut 2015

    45th UP State Bridge Championship took place at Alexander Club, Meerut from July 31 - August 2, 2015. The event was organised along with 5th Alexander Club Bridge Championship for Northern India. 20 teams including 14 UP teams took part in the Championship. The event was very well organised by Meerut Bridge Association in association with Alexander Club. A lot of credit goes to Alexander club for promoting bridge in this part of UP. Justice BP Singh & Sri CP Agarwal and their team from Meerut Bridge Association put in lot of hard work to make the event a success. Executive Committee of Bridge Association (U.P.) was delighted to give its Organisational Colours to Sri CP Agarwal, Sri Pulak Garg, Sri Rakesh Goel and Sri Sanjay Jain of Meerut Bridge Association. There was good coverage of event in dailies of Meerut. The food was very nice and play progressed without any appeal in very congenial conditions. Sri NK Jain was CTD and was assisted by Sri Sanjay Jain, Sri Rakesh Goel and Sri Pradeep Singh. Sri TC Pant looked after technical work very efficiently.

    From 2012 the UP State Championship was made open to neighbouring states inviting one team each. This year six teams from Delhi took part in the event.

    Rajendra Kumar Gargya Trophy for Best UP Team in Duplicate Event

    20 teams took part in the event and played 8 rounds of swiss league of 8 boards with 20-0 continuous scoring after which 4 teams qualified for SF. Satyam, Delhi topped the swiss league followed by Pradeep's 6, Varanasi. NCL A, Singrauli finished third and Kosmos, Delhi was last team to qualify. In 8*2 SF Pradeep's 6 defeated NCL A and Kosmos defeated Satyam. In 10*2 final Pradeep's 6 bettered Kosmos to win the trophy. Third place play off went to NCL A. The final results are:

    1. Pradeep's 6, Varanasi (Pradeep Anand Singh, Kr Vijayanand Singh, AK Sinha, BN Rastogi, Pankaj Mehta, Indresh Agarwal)
    2. Kosmos, Delhi (TC Pant, Daleep Mutreja, Rajesh Jain, Ravichandran, Anil Bharihoke)
    3. NCL A, Singrauli (Dr Sumit De, Ashoke De, PK Chakraborty, Chinmoy Goswami, JN Chatterjee)
    4. Satyam, Delhi (SK Agarwal, Ved Prakash, YP Punj, SR Malhotra, Col BS Yadav, Madhu Sudan Sharma)

    Pradeep's 6 was also awarded Nimita Agarwal Trophy from Alexander Club for being overall winner.

    Madhava Prasad Trophy for Duplicate Silver Event

    There was a Silver event for non qualifiers of Duplicate event. 16 teams took part in the event. They played swiss league of 4 rounds of 8 boards each with discrete 20-0 scale scoring. The results are as follows:

    1. RS Misra, Allahabad (RS Misra, BN Agarwal, AP Singh, SP Sharma, Jitendra Pandey)
    2. Rajjan, Allahabad (Bal Agarwal, SP Srivastava, Shanker Chatterjee, Deepak Chatterjee, RK Shukla, Pintoo Bose)
    3/4. JK5, Meerut (JK Agarwal, Pulak Garg, Dr Vakul Airan, Ravinder Singh, HK Girdhar)
    3/4. Asha's 5, Delhi (Asha Sharma, Devi Bhatnagar, Subhash Gupta, Arvind Prasad, V Jhunjhunwala)

    Dr JS Kothiwal Trophy for Best UP Pair in Pairs Event

    43 pairs took part in the event. The event was played over two sessions on final day of 22 boards each with Scrambelled Mitchell movement.

    The results are as follows:

    1. Kr Vijayanand Singh & Pradeep Anand Singh (Varanasi)
    2. Amarjit & Dr Nikita Kamal (Delhi)
    3. Devi/Asha & Subhash Gupta (Delhi)
    4. Shantanu Rastogi & TP Khare (Lucknow)
    5. Vijay Goel & NK Gupta (Delhi)

    Kr Vijayanand Singh & Pradeep Anand Singh were also awarded Surinder Singh Trophy from Alexander Club for being overall Pair winner.

    Personally for me finishing second among UP Pairs and fourth overall was a satisfactory result. I was playing in the State Championship after 2 years. As the last two State Championship were held at Lucknow I was involved in organisational work with no time for playing. I read somewhere famous Larry Cohen account of how he dropped World Pair Championship on last two deals, I definitely dropped second position overall on last but one deal where a phone call in between the deal affected my concentration and I slipped in defence costing us crucial matchpoints. The last deal was good for us. So if I had not slipped in penultimate deal and the last deal had been as good (our opponents went overboard in the last deal) then we could have finished higher.

    VK Chaube Trophy for Highest Masterpoint Grosser from UP in 2014

    1. Pradeep Anand Singh
    2. Kr Vijayanand Singh
    3. TP Khare

    UP players please note:

    1. Pradeep's 6 would represent UP at Inter State Championship at Nagpur taking place from September 3-6, 2015.
    2. Kr Vijayanand Singh & Pradeep Anand Singh would represent UP at Rama Jain 2016.
    3. Pairs representing UP in Agarwala Trophy at Inter State Championship at Nagpur are:
    i). Kr Vijayanand Singh & Pradeep Anand Singh
    ii) Shantanu Rastogi & TP Khare
    iii) Shanker Chatterjee & Deepak Chatterjee

    Goa Bridge Festival would take place at Club Tennis De Gasper Dias, Panaji, Goa from July 29-31, 2016.

    46th UP State Bridge Championship would take place at Allen Union Club, Civil Lines, Bareilly from August 5-7, 2016.

    Kr Murli Manohar Memorial Bridge Tournament would take place at Boat House Club, Nainital from September 22-25, 2016.

    HCL International Bridge Tournament would take place at Hotel JW Marriott, Delhi (Aero City, Near Airport) from October 19-23, 2016.

    Central India Bridge Tournament would take place at Jabalpur from November 12-14, 2016.

    Ashok Kapoor Memorial Swiss Pairs would take place at Catholic Gymkhana, Marine Drive, Mumbai from November 18-20, 2016.

    FNCC Bridge Tournament would take place at Hyderabad from February 4-6, 2017.

    Seth Sriniwas Lohia Memorial Bridge Tournament would take place at Ganges Club, Kanpur from February 17-19, 2017.

    Sir Padmapat Singhania Memorial Bridge Tournament would take place at Kamla Club, Kanpur from February 24-26, 2017.

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