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    AK Sinha (Lucknow) is the Top Ranked Player from UP in Terms of Masterpoints as of 25th April 2017 Replacing BN Rastogi (Lucknow). At Third Place is Pradeep Anand Singh (Varanasi). AK Sinha is also the first UP Player to Gross 2000 Masterpoints.

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    AK Sinha (Lucknow) wins VK Chaube Trophy for Grossing Highest Masterpoints from UP in 2016. Kr Vijayanand Singh (Varanasi) & Pradeep Anand Singh (Varanasi) are Joint Second.

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    Page updated (Lucknow Results - May 23, 2017 Result) on May 23, 2017.

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  • Bridge Facilities in India
  • In this section I would be putting together all the information regarding bridge facilities in the various cities in India. I try to update any new information on the existing cities as soon as I get them but as information collection is not perfected some of the information may be outdated or incomplete.Ever since inception of this webpage a few other Indian websites have also come up so if you are looking for more information on Indian bridge you may look at links section of this webpage and check out Indian websites.

    Lucknow Allahabad Varanasi Kanpur Dehradun Delhi Chandigarh Jaipur Mumbai Pune Nagpur Asansol Durgapur Bengaluru Chennai Jamshedpur Indore Ahmedabad Hyderabad Panaji

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  • Tournament News
  • In this section I would cover mostly tournaments happening in India and from perspective of performance of Indian & Uttar Pradesh bridge players. For an infrequent visitor of this website, the "new" things in this section are tournament reports of past six months though the reports of past one year are carried.The tournament report part of the news is in orange shade whereas tournament calender part of news is in green shade.

    Chandigarh Open Bridge Tournament at Chandigarh 2017

    Chandigarh Open Bridge Tournament took place at Hotel Lalit, Chandigarh from April 21-23, 2017. The results are as follows:


    29 teams Swiss League after which 8 teams qualified for Super League.

    1. Steel Strips (Subhash Gupta, Swarnendu Banerjee, Arun Bapat, Sapan Desai)
    2. Delhi Blues (Prakash Bhandari, DK Tiwari, Paresh Gupta, Ashok Girdhar)
    3. Engineers (Sanjay Gupta, Madhu Sharma, Naresh Jain, RM Aggarwal)

    Matchpoint Pairs

    1. RK Garg & Capt Marwaha
    2. Anil Bharihoke & JB Sen Gupta
    3. Arun Jain & Mukul
    7. Arun Srivastava & RP Narain (Lucknow)

    Courtesy: Sri Sant Prakash Sharma, Chandigarh

    Alexander Athletic Club at Meerut 2017

    7th Alexander Athletic Club Invitational Bridge Tournament for Northern India was held at Alexander Club, Meerut on April 15-16, 2017. Two events were held - Duplicate team event for Nimita Agarwal Trophy and Pairs event for Surendra Singh Gupta Trophy.13 teams consisting of players from UP, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh participated in the tournament. Participation was less than expected. The Alexander Club is a nice venue for bridge with limited number of teams and proved to be a nice host providing breakfast, lunch, evening snacks,dinner & cocktail for the participants. We need such generaous hosts to promote bridge in UP. Meerut Bridge Association led by Justice BP Singh & Sri CP Agarwal deserves all the credit. Sri Rakesh Goel looked after press coverage very well. Sri RP Bhatnagar was CTD assisted by Col RK Bhatnagar. Sri TC Pant did the technical management. The results are as follows:


    On 15th April 7 rounds of 8 boards each for duplicate team event swiss league were played and 4 teams qualified for the next round. On 16th the qualified teams played 3 rounds of 14 boards each to decide the final rankings.The final rankings were as under:

    1. Nimita Agarwal Trophy winner
    Constellation, Delhi 49.05 VPs, Swiss league 82.58 VPs
    1. Dr Nikita Kamal
    2. Amarjit
    3. Vijay Kumar
    4. PC Gupta
    5. SK Syal

    2. Subhash Gupta, Delhi 38.11 VPs, Swiss league 90.23 VPs
    1. Subhash Gupta
    2. Sham Sharma
    3. Asha Sharma
    4. Sunil Bhatia

    3. Alexander Club Blue, Meerut 25.32 VPs, Swiss league 99.80 VPs
    1. Justice BP Singh
    2. Indresh Agarwal
    3. CP Agarwal
    4. Pullak Garga

    4. PBA 7.52 VPs, Swiss league 87.97 VPs
    1. SR Malhotra
    2. YP Punj
    3. SK Aggarwal
    4. Madhu Sharma
    5. Ved Prakash


    On 16th April Matchpoint pair contest was held and 17 pairs took part in it. They played all play all 16 rounds of 2 boards each. The results are:

    1. Surendra Singh Gupta Trophy winner
    HS Dua & BN Batra - Kanpur 145.22

    2. Lt Gen CB Vijan & Col BL Anand - Delhi 140.48
    3. Ajay Vaish & Deepak Kothiwal - Moradabad 139.16
    4. Pradeep Singh & Pankaj Mehta - Varanasi/Moradabad 127.32
    5. Hatinder Singh & Anil Sood - Himachal Pradesh 123.05
    6. ML Jain & Sanjay Jain - Meerut 122.66

    Lohia Memorial at Kanpur 2017

    31st Seth Sriniwas Lohia Memorial Bridge Tournament took place at Ganges Club, Kanpur from April 7-9, 2017. The tournament from past two year is being played in the format where apart from main duplicate and pairs event there is a silver event on day 2 for non qualifiers which allowed everyone to play on all 3 days. Lohia tournament ,organised by Sri JK Lohia in memory of his father, is known for its flawless hospitality year after year which includes providing for breakfast & dinner apart from lunch & evening snacks in the entry fee. 15 outstation teams are provided free accomodation in the Dharmshala Rajasthan Bhawan from where free transport is also provided to the venue. Though hospitality is best the tournament lacks in technical terms as bidding boxes are not used due to which there is a lot of noise in the hall where main event takes place. The organisers would do well to introduce bidding boxes from next year. The tournament was well directed by Sri Ranju Bhattacharya as CTD assisted by Sri Gora Roy Chaudhari and myself. Sri Gajendra Singh did the scoring.

    Duplicate - Sri RK Lohia Trophy

    Last year I had suggested on this page the need of BFI formalising dates hence a calendar for its big and small events. It is indeed my pleasure to announce that BFI has worked out a schedule for all its main events with monthly/weekly slots given to all the main events. Lohia tournament henceforth would take place in third week of February every year. This year tournament had to be shifted to April as February dates clashed with Assembly elections in Kanpur. 41 teams ,up 7 from last year, took part in the duplicate event and played 7 rounds of 8 boards of swiss league on day 1to determine 7 qualifiers and one best local team for the 7 rounds of 8 boards super league on day 2.The results are as follows:

  • Winners - Anoop Dhawan (Anoop Dhawan, Kajal Das, Samir Basak, Avijit Chakraborty, Shambhu Nath Ghosh, Biswajit Poddar) - Super league 97.44, Swiss league 90

  • Runners up Sri JK Lohia Trophy - Arun Jain (Arun Jain, Badal Das, SN de Sarkar, Pranab Bardhan, Aloke Sadhu) - Super league 92.59, Swiss league 102.26

  • 3. Bandyo (SK Bandopadhyay, NP Kabiraj, M Bose, PK Ganguli, A Biswas, RN Kundu) - Super league 80.51, Swiss league 85.18
    4. Maya Meera Sneha (Vijay Goel, Asha Sharma, Sunil Bhatia, Sukamal Das, Bhabesh Saha, Satyabrat Mukherjee) - Super league 77.37, Swiss league 85.7
    5. Dr Sanghi ( SM Moin, Sunil Kumar, Rana Roy, AN Banerjee) - Super league 67.83, Swiss league 85.98
    6. Thakur's Special (A Thakur, T Roy, S Maheshwari, M Das, S Sarkar) - Super league 58.4, Swiss league 94.32
    7. Sailen Das (S Das, SP Banerjee, D Paul, S Ganguly) - Super league 57.03, Swiss league 96.84
    8. Best KBA team - SPSBA (KP Newatia, SP Agnihotri, AK Srivastava, AK Mishra) - Super league 28.82, Swiss league 65.65

    Prizes were also given to teams ranked 8 & 9 in swiss league. These teams were SP IV (SP Chatterjee, Sanjib Majumdar, S Bhattacharjee, Goutam Das) & Rendevouz (Subrata Saha, S Roy, K Naguri, RK Majumdar, Pinaki Khan, B Bhattacharya).
    Best KBA Team (other than qualified team): JKG Four (JK Garg, HC Behrani, AK Acharya, J Singh).

    Matchpoint Pairs - Late MP Jhujhunwala Trophy

    90 pairs ,up 14 from last year, played pairs event in two sessions of 24 boards each with Scrambelled Mitchell movement (7+5) on final day with both sessions being played with computer dealt deals. The results are as follows:

  • Winners - Shambhu Nath Ghosh & Biswajit Poddar

  • Runners up Late HC Nigam Trophy - AK Sinha (Lucknow) & Subhash Gupta

  • 3. Indranath Chatterjee & Chandan Chowdhury
    4. Joyrup Mullick & Bhaskar Sarkar
    5. Bhabesh Saha & Sukamal Das
    6. Uday Bedekar & Biswajit Mahata
    7. Swetadri Saha & KD Chakraborty
    8. Samir Basak & Avijit Chakraborty
    9. Sujit Basu & Sukanta Das
    10. RK Majumdar & Kamal Naguri

    Best KBA Pairs: 1. Dr IP Jain & Mukul Arren 2. Akhilesh P Singh & Mohd. Shakeel

    Silver - Seth RK Newatia Trophy

    All non qualifiers of duplicate event could play Silver event where 7 rounds of swiss league of 8 boards were played. 32 teams ,up 6 from last year, took part in the event. The results are as follows:

  • Winners - PK Dashsharma (PK Dashsharma, DC Bagchi, Sujit Bose, Sukanta Das, Anirban Sasmal, Atanu Ganguly) - 96.93

  • Runners up Sri BM Prahladaka Trophy - AK Sinha (AK Sinha, Subhash Gupta, K Bhattacharya, Prasun Mukherjee) - 95.41

  • 3. Rahara Card Club (Sanat Roy, SP Roy, KD Chakraborty, Swetadri Saha, W Chakraborty, D Sarkar) - 94.54
    4. Kamal Basu (Subrata Saha, S Roy, K Naguri, RK Majumdar, Pinaki Khan, B Bhattacharya) - 88.73
    5. Kamlesh Gupta IV (Kamlesh Gupta, Aritra Bhattacharya, Anindra Sarkar, Sagnik Roy, Bhaskar Sarkar, Joyrup Mullick) - 87.74
    6. SP IV (SP Chatterjee, Sanjib Majumdar, S Bhattacharjee, Goutam Das) - 86.38

    Best KBA team: Lohia A - JK Lohia (JK Lohia, MC Garg, DC Prahladka, SK Ganguly, AK Srivastava)

    Courtesy: Sri Kailash Singh

    Rajjan Agarwal Memorial Tournament at Allahabad 2017

    Rajjan Agarwal Memorial Bridge Tournament took place at Allahabad from February 25-26, 2017. The results are as follows:


    1. SK Moitra & SK Biswas
    2. S Chatterjee & Pintoo Bose
    3. KA Zafri & S Askari

    Duplicate - Winners

    Rajjan (Bal Agrawal, SP Srivastva, Pintoo Bose, S Chatterjee)

    Courtesy: Sri SP Sharma, Allahabad

    Sir Padampat Singhania Memorial at Kanpur 2017

    Sir Padampat Singhania Memorial Bridge Tournament took place at Kamla Club, Kanpur from February 24-26, 2017. 24 pairs took part in the event. They played 23 rounds of all play all matches. A total of Rs 2.7 lac as prize mopney was distributed. Sri Abhishek Singhania gave away the prizes in presence of Sri Yadupati Singhania, Chairman, Kailashpat Singhania Sports Foundation. The results are as follows:

    1. SM Moin & Sunil Kumar 826 VPs Rs 63000/-
    2. Gopinath Manna & Abhijit Sarkar - 810 VPs Rs 50000/-
    3. Amarnath Banerjee & A Chatterjee- 783 VPs Rs 34000/-
    4. Subhash Dhakras & R Sridharan - Rs 22000/-
    5. Sunil Machar & Arun Bapat - Rs 19000/-
    6. Bhabesh Saha & Navneet - Rs 16000/-

    Lucknow pair of AK Sinha & BN Rastogi finished 10th winning a prize of Rs 9000/-.

    Courtesy: ToI, Lucknow 27/2/17

    Shaheed Chaudhary Jairam Singh Memorial Bridge Tournament at Angadpur Jauhari, Baghpat 2017

    Shaheed Chaudhary Jairam Singh Memorial Bridge Tournament took place at Angadpur Jauhari, Baghpat on February 18, 2017. Angadpur Jauhari is a village in Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh. It is famous for its shooting range. Like Raibeedpura this village has taken to bridge. Few pairs from the village led by Sri Dheeraj Tomar, a constable with Delhi Police, have participated in HCL, Nainital & Winter Nationals at Jaipur in 2016. BFI and organisers of these events have kindly allowed them to take part without paying entry fee. They in return organised this pairs event where prize money was modest but what was more important was their big heart. The village falls under Meerut Bridge Association and these players are trained by Sri CP Agarwal, Hony Secretary, Meerut Bridge Association. The event was 10 tables pairs. 40 Players from Meerut, Shamli, Muzaffarnagar, Saharanpur, Bulandshahar, Noida & Delhi took part in the event. They were treated to sumptuous lunch made by village ladies where dessert was kheer made of sugarcane juice. The scoring was done by Anjali. The prize winners were:

    1. CP Agarwal & Pullak Garga (Meerut)
    2. ML Jain & Sanjay Jain (Meerut)
    3. Rinku Singh & Vinita Chandra (Delhi)

    Courtesy: Amar Ujala newspaper, Sri Dheeraj Tomar

    MB Club Bridge Tournament at Lucknow 2017

    MB Club Bridge Tournament took place at MB Club, Lucknow on February 4, 2017. 30 pairs (15 from MB Club including 5 ladies) took part in the event. They played Scrambelled Mitchell movement of 11 rounds (7+4) of 22 boards to determine the prize winners with IMP scoring. The winners were B Prasad & Arun Srivastava with 60 IMPs. The other prize winners were:

    2. BN Rastogi & AK Sinha - 57
    3. VK Tiwari & BD Sarkar - 51

    Best MB Club Pair: Amitabh Tayal & SQ Wajahat - 39
    Best Ladies Pair: Suman Pandey & Chitra Srivastava - 12

    Detailed Results

    58th Winter Nationals at Jaipur 2016

    58th Winter Nationals took place at Sawai Man Singh Indoor Stadium, Jaipur from December 12-18, 2016. The event was organised by Rajasthan Contract Bridge Association. The event was nicely organised led by Sri KP Mathur. Directors led by CTD Ranju Bhattacharya did their job well. Srinivasan Iyengar managed technical side well though I would advise him to put results on Bridgewebs in logical sequence. Rajasthani food was ok but in 2014 in the 56th edition food was better. It was a refreshing change to see the auto/e-rickshaw fares being reasonable though not to the extent locals would want. The particpation was poor with some attributing it to weather across northern India pushing train schedules haywire and some to demonetization of higher denomination currency done recently in our country. I fail to understand the second logic. If you love the game you would attend the most important bridge event in Indian calendar with your hard earned money irrespective of the fact that demonetization has squeezed availability of legitimate currency. A move towards cashless economy is inevitable across the world. This helps in keeping track of money which can otherwise go into terror fianancing and to all sorts of nefarious activities. So bridge tournament organisers are well advised to collect most of their money online and through debit/credit cards. Only consolation events and other on the spot events which require petty cash should be done with cash.If you come to a tournament because you have some spare illegitimate cash which can be used to play and buy results it is disastrous for the game. I am not a millionaire but even with my limited resources I participate comfortbaly paying my way through. The bridge motto is learn, earn and spend. If you love the game and want to with laurels in a sport bridge gives you that opportunity for a time span of at least 50 years. The sports is not just about money, off course financial security is important, but fitness, physical and mental pleasure and achivement satisfaction is more important. Please understand in todays context those who spend money on big sports tend to earn less than those who take part when it should be other way round. If it isnt it would give rise to colossal corruption, back room dealings and cheating by players. Normally those who spend big are riding on public money. So public pays twice/thrice once through sponsorship and other through viewership either in stadia or at home via TV, cable,dish,broadband, online subscriptions. This is just not done. Endorsement is a big racket and should never be part of player financial security. You would never know where the money is actually going via endorsement. It could be as bad as into terror financing. Whoever invented endorsement I dont think thought of its bad sides. No amount of market research, surveys can tell you its actual impact. What actually sells is good/outstanding product. Those who actually use endorsement are saying that they are not confident of its deliverance as there is no shortcut to success. The product has to be hardworking, persevering and should be fit of high quality. For bridge the ride is even more difficult as the viewership is limited to internet subscription. So if people dont spend on the game via entry fee it is difficult to see a viable financial model. Although in bridge viewgraph rooms should be charged and a few tables should be made premium spectator viewpoint to make the sport more viable. I have said sometime back (those who follow my page) that bridge tables should be without screens monitored by video cameras. You win on aukat. If you add big money to winning then the result is collosal cheating, doping and rigging. The reward is recognition, love and fame and not money especially in a poor country like ours. God save us from a stuff like Bridge Premier League on lines of crickets Indian Premier League where there is so much emphasis on money that it leads to cheating, womanising and all sorts of underhand dealings where players are offered more than what they can get underhand. The only league which has worked in our country is field nhockey's HIL which is only beacause its innovative and gives reasonable financial security to players though even there suspicious result(s) have been there. We have won junior World Cup and one of us is heading FIH legitimatly on performance. IPL has never helped the country and it is a pity for cricket in Indiua that a Jaichand is heading world body as Indian representative. If he had been thrown to Pakistan after selling his country , though not in IPL, I would have loved. Apart from IPL cricket operations are fairly well managed and idea of rejecting bureaucrats or politicans or professionals to run it is terrible. Those who play cricket at top level know about technicalities of the game and not nuances of administration. Without fail cricketers are hardly well educated. Some of them have the abiltity to obtain better degrees but they dont get time. If you want cricketers into cricket administration ask them to hold a good degree within playing time or after it and give interested players who have time a bit exposure at junior level in administration time to time. Marketing, Finance and Logistics planning have become too complex in modern time to be headed by a technical person. I believe there is a hearing of BCCI case in court and I hope saner counsel prevails and cricket loved by most of Indians comes out stronger. Bridge has been run in India by players from varied background but there is lack of professionalism. The body was headed by someone a few years back who was accused of running his household from association money with no accountabilty. The current incumbent thinks people from village earn a lot and the one before used to squeeze small associations of every pie. Closer home we have in our city an incumbent who also ran his house on association money and goes back on prizemoney offered in the national tournament, burdens home association by Rs 70000 , a princely sum, at the end of tournament when promised to run it on self sufficient basis with all interest on putting a 50 year old photo of himself in the souvenir and not checking spelling of Bridge on front page. The plan is to loot the fixed deposits of the association one way or another.These people should be beaten up thorughly and sent to Jail. And please note the association is a registered body under society act and holds elections every two years. I was on demonetization and digressed a bit. Though it is no doubt a good idea it has inconvenienced countrymen. If I am PM I would straightway apologise to people. But its not entirely his fault. We are a neck deep corrupt nation. Any idea with good intention is highjacked into racket. There is sabotage by opposition who instead of supporting and helping cleanse the dirt spend all their disrputing the parliament and inconveniencing people. I was just reading the papers all the mess of last 12 years is tried to be passed on to these few days or few months of inconveniencing. The biggest success of this act is breaking bone of terror financing and end of counterfiet currency. I am sure after reconciliation we would find some screws on black money. I would request countrymen to keep their eyes and ears open and if they come across some Jaichands who have sabotaged the well meaning act please pass on information to Enforcement Directorate or to your nearest Income Tax office. I am sure the phone numbers would be communicated to you soon. You could make anonymous call or identify yourself and get some minor reward. Please understand you are helping us make a clean, mean and powerful nation. We are a poor nation and need help from richer countries but on our terms. It doesnt help running from one nation to another and then finding us with precious little. Inspite of working business relations between countries there are wider issues which affect fund flow. For example you would not get anywhere if you are hoping to get money from both America and Russia or China and Japan. What would you get by becoming a tall world leader if your own countrymen cant even get two square meals properly. There is something called implementation. Please for gods sake stop doing rallies for state elections and concentrate on implementation. Sit in office do reviews and performance appraisals. And if you have made certain rules for ministers abide by them. No exceptions for any goddamn reason. What is happening in the country is misplaced priorites ? At Jaipur in our stadium hall there is IB. Give me a break. What the hell is IB doing in sports ? There are soldiers being killed on borders where is IB intelligence. How dare someone sends IB ? Concerned ministers are sleeping. Is IB supposed to snoop on opposition ? Go to its office and burn all the files and start afresh. We are not going to be in Congress mode of blackmailing. And if this work has been done for years please find all the ex directors of IB and stop their pensions. Ask them for written permissions if the orders were from ministers. And if it is done by any IAS in personal capacity tell these m*****f****rs to get out and get some honest officers even if they are from other service. The situation is alarmingly bad. We have promises to keep and the time is short. I would request all the countrymen to help in this work. Bureaucracy is supposed to work for you and not spend time playing Golf, making foreign trips and show their power to poor. District Magistrate or Collector apaka maai baap nahin hai. He/ She is your servant. Please ask for all the plans for you depending upon your category and your area. And if the results are not there or if there is any arrogancy or absence pitai karo. These people will have to address everyone by Aap or saheb. Enough of this corruption. Please take good care of your land. If you are landless or if your land has been bought please check who has bought. If it is any IAS or near family please inform BJP party office. Please realise ye sab kaam aapke padhe likhe log hi kar sakte hain. Dekhiye padhna likhna kitna jaroori hai. Agar aapake area mein sarkari school nahin hai ya kharab haalat mein hai to fir BJP party se sampark karen. Please again take BJP party workers help. We would take up matter with state govt. Congratulations to all Winter National winners. The detailed results are available at BFI website.

    6th Inter State National Bridge Championship at Ludhiana 2016

    6th Inter State National Bridge Championship took place at The Sutlej Club Ltd., Ludhiana from November 3-6, 2016. BFI should not schedule any of its National event around Diwali as Train reservations are hard to get and Flights are expensive. Poor scheduling of the 6th Inter State Nationals has resulted in only 18 teams taking part out of which 4 teams were of host Punjab, one BFI and one BFI Juniors. Even a seasoned team like Railways was conspicuous by its absence. Field quality was very uneven though it doesnt take anything away from those who do well. Even Agarwala Pairs had just 29 pairs taking part in the elimination. The directors were Sri Ranju Bhattacharya (CTD), Sri Gora Roy Chudhary, Sri ML Pangotra & Sri SM Joshi. The event was live on BBO. Sri Chetan Raval managed computer dealt boards.

    Duplicate Event

    18 teams took part in the event. They comprised of 11 states (Delhi, Punjab - 4 teams, Uttarakhand, UP, Bengal, Odisha, MP, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Haryana), 1 UT (Chandigarh), 1 institution (Atomic Energy) and 2 BFI teams. The teams played 7 rounds of swiss league of 10 boards to determine QF qualifiers. The results are as follows:

  • Winner:Bengal (Hemant Jalan, Ashish Malhotra, Swarnendu Banerjee, Manas Mukherjee, Kaustabh Nandi, Samir Basak)

  • Runners Up:Delhi (Sham Sharma, Ashok Sinha, TC Pant, Rajesh Jain, Anil Bharihoke, V Ravichandran)

  • Losing Semi Finalists

  • Odisha (Bhimsen Pradhan, AK Baliar Singh, PK Nayak, RC Nayak, J Pratihari, A Rout)

  • Tamil Nadu (RN Subramanian, V Ramkumar, G Rajajgopal, L Ravichandran)

  • Losing Quarter Finalists

  • Chandigarh (MM Nangia, HS Dhariwal, Harbans Singh, Govinder Singh, Rajesh Chhoda)

  • PBA 4 (Anil Sharma, Rakesh Bhanot, JS Bahl, Veerender Kumar, DP Sood)

  • BFI (TK Banerji, Neeta Banerji, Vijay Ranchan, KC Kumar, PC Gupta, Deon Menezes)

  • Karnataka (Priya Ranjan Sinha, Mini Naidu, Prakash Easwaran, Kaushik Mukherjee, AS Gupta, Uttam Gupta)

  • Swiss League Winner:Delhi

    Agarwala Pairs

    In elimination round 29 pairs played and the final was of 24 pairs. The scoring was IMP. The results are as follows:

    1. J Pratihari & A Rout (Odisha)
    2. Anukul Mandal & Daleep Mutreja (Delhi)
    3. Kuldip Khanna & Col Brar (Punjab)

    Consolation Swiss Pairs

    1. Sandeep Thakral & Natasha Khanderia (Haryana)
    2. NK Jain & Rajan Nischal (Punjab)
    3. KR Lakhanpal & SR Malhotra (Punjab)

    Results Courtesy: BFI Website

    14th HCL International Bridge Championship at Delhi 2016

    14th HCL Bridge Championship took place at JW Marriott Hotel, Aero City, Delhi from October 19-23, 2016. The tournament carried a prize money of Rs 1.2 Cr making it the second highest prize money tournament in the international circuit. The flagship duplicate event was played in Gold and Silver categories with Gold attracting 41 teams and Silver 79 teams. The venue Marriott is nice and spacious but I wonder if it can accomodate more teams. As HCL event has become truly International ,with teams from Italy, Poland, Russia, Bulgaria, USA & Jordan participating, the venue should also match the stature of the event if it has to grow on to become primma donna. The food also has scope of improvement. Inspite of all this the event was very well managed by Sri Subhash Gupta - Organising Secretary, Sri Sudhir Aggarwal, Sri TC Pant and the team from HCL. The director team was led by Sri MBV Subrahmanyam CTD and Sri Ranju Bhattacharya Jt CTD assisted by Sri D Roy Chaudhary, Sri VK Sharma, Sri BG Daxindas, Sri Sanjay Chakraborty & Sri Narasinga Rao. Sri Chetan Raval managed computerised card dealing and Sri Buddy Shah's team managed BBO. The summarised results are as follows:

    HCL Gold for Naresh Tandan Trophy

    41 teams took part in the event and initially played swiss league of 10 rounds of 12 boards each on first two days to determine 12 qualifiers. These 12 teams were divided into 2 groups of 6 teams each where they played super league from where top two teams were picked for knock out SF of 4*14. The finals were of 4*14 boards and play offs for third place was 3*14 boards. There were 20 prizes given.

    1. Lavazza (Zia Mahmood, Giorgio Duboin, Noberto Bocchi, Dennis Bilde) Prize Rs 20 Lac
    2. Russia (Andrey Gromov, Aleksandr Dubinin, Georgy Matushko, Evgeny Rudakov, Oleg Kazantsev, Yury Khokhlov) Prize Rs 10 Lac
    3. Hemant Jalan (Hemant Jalan, Vivek Bhand, Sandeep Thakral, Kaustabh Bendre, Kaustabh Nandi, Sandip Dutta) Prize Rs 5 Lac
    4. Dhampur Sugar Mills (Ashok Goel, KR Venkatraman, Anil Padhye, Sumit Mukherjee, D Majumdar, Pritish Kushari) Prize Rs 4 Lac

    HCL Silver for Mohini Tandan Trophy

    Silver event is for those Indian teams who can not play two National Masters (600 Masterpoints out of which 500 should be Federation level) in partnership.79 teams took part in the event and initially played swiss league of 7 rounds of 8 boards each to determine 24 qualifiers. These 24 teams were divided into 3 groups of 8 teams each where they played super league of 7 boards from where top two teams were picked for QF super league. The remaining 55 teams played swiss league of 6 rounds of 8 boards from where top 2 teams also qualified for QF super league. The QF super league was of 8 boards each from where 4 top teams qualified for knock out SF of 4*14. The finals were of 4*14 boards and play offs for third place was 3*14 boards. There were 20 prizes given.

    1. Six Pack (Subhranshu Patnaik, Sanjay Sondhi, Vijay Devdass, Afshar Majeed, Nirmal Jain, Sandip Dang) Prize Rs 8 Lac
    2. PK Thakur (PK Thakur, M Dey, G Banerjee, J Sarkar, D Paul, BN Ghosh) Prize Rs 5 Lac
    3. Team Vibrant (MK Halder, Biplab Guha, Bhaskar Ganguly, Sagar Bhuiya, SP Srivastava, Vijay) Prize Rs 3 Lac
    4. Pals U.P. (Mukul Gupta, SA Abbasi, Virendra Singh, Anil Bansal, TP Khare, Shantanu Rastogi) Prize Rs 2 Lac

    Open Matchpoint Pairs for Neena Bonarjee Trophy

    252 pairs played initial elimination from where 52 pairs played final. 16 prizes were given.

    1. AK Sinha (Lucknow) & Major SK Hooda Prize 6.5 Lac
    2. Stamatov & Danailov Prize 5.5 Lac
    3. Tomasz Sielicki & Piotr Tukzynski Prize 4.5 Lac

    Consolation Swiss Pairs on Day 3

    260 pairs played. 16 prizes were given.

    1. Jaggy Shivdasani & Rajeshwar Tewari Prize 1 Lac
    2. Sukanta Das & Tapas Kumar Roy Prize 0.75 Lac
    3. Ravi Raman & Subhash Bhavnani Prize 0.5 Lac

    Consolation IMP Pairs on Day 5

    156 pairs played. 16 prizes were given.

    1. Raju Tolani & Ajay Khare Prize 1 Lac
    2. G Manna & T Bedi Prize 0.75 Lac
    3. Ajay Bagaria & Vibhas Todi Prize 0.5 Lac

    The detailed results including hand records are available at

    Personally for me the event was very satisfying as results from U.P. and Lucknow both from where I am secretary of the association were good. Our full UP team ( 4 from Lucknow & 2 from Aligarh) which included me came fourth in Silver though we couldnt make it to intitial 24 and qualified from repechege to QF. AK Sinha from Lucknow won matchpoint pairs. A team from UP - Bridge Friends (Mukul Goel, RA Siddiqui, Ajay Garg, Om Hari Agarwal, Ajay Agarwal, Maj Gen HS Nanda) came a creditable 7th in the Silver swiss league but sadly couldnt progress to QF. Agarwal team from Allahabad/ Lucknow & Noida with one player from Kolkata (IK Agarwal, Sushil Agarwal, BN Rastogi, Amitabh Tayal, Col KK Sabharwal, Asit Kundu) qualified to Gold round of 12.

    46th UP State Bridge Championship at Bareilly 2016

    46th UP State Bridge Championship took place at Allen Union Club, Bareilly from August 5-7, 2016. 13 teams including 12 UP teams took part in the Championship. The event was very well organised by Bareilly Bridge Association in association with Allen Union Club. The whole show was superbly managed by Sri Ajay Agarwal who put in a lot of hard work to make the event a success though his efforts were not matched by number of teams that took part. He was helped by his team and in particular by Sri Om Hari Agarwal who has been awarded the Organizational Colours by Bridge Association (U.P.). This is the sixth time Bareilly is holding state championship. There was good coverage of event in dailies of Bareilly. Sri RP Bhatnagar was CTD and was assisted by Sri GP Dimri. Sri TC Pant looked after technical work very efficiently.

    From 2012 the UP State Championship was made open to neighbouring states inviting one team each. This year no full neighbouring team took part but one UP team had pair from out of UP.

    Rajendra Kumar Gargya Trophy for Best UP Team in Duplicate Event

    13 teams took part in the event and played 7 rounds of swiss league of 10 boards with 20-0 continuous scoring after which 4 teams qualified for SF. Rajjan, Allahabad - 101.3 topped the swiss league followed by Rohit Wrappers, Moradabad/Varanasi - 93.32. Ajay's Four, Bareilly - 80.41 finished third and Bridge Friends, Lucknow - 76.13 was last team to qualify. In 10*2 SF Rajjan defeated Bridge Friends 41-37 and Ajay's Four defeated Rohit Wrappers 71-22. In 10*2 final Ajay's Four beat Rajjan 44-27 to win the first place. As Ajay's four had a pair from from out of UP, Rajjan were crowned UP State Champion and got the trophy. 10*2 third place play off went to Bridge Friends who won 38-31. The final results are:

    1. Ajay's Four, Bareilly (Ajay Agarwal, Maj Gen HS Nanda, Ashok Goel, JM Shah)
    2. Rajjan, Allahabad (Shankar Chatterjee, Pintoo Bose, SP Srivastava, Bal Agarwal) - UP State Champion and winner of Gargya Trophy
    3. Bridge Friends, Lucknow (Mukul Goel, Arun Srivastava, RA Siddiqui, AK Garg, SQ Wajahat)
    4. Rohit Wrappers, Moradabad/Varanasi (Ajay Vaish, Deepak Kothiwal, Kr Vijayanand Singh, Pradeep Singh)

    Madhava Prasad Trophy for Duplicate Silver Event

    There was a Silver event for non qualifiers of Duplicate event. 10 teams took part in the event. They played swiss league of 4 rounds of 10 boards each with continuous 20-0 scale scoring. The highlight of Silver event was participation by a team from village/town Baraut of district Baghpat. The team was led by Sri Dheeraj Kumar Tomar who is with Delhi Police and consisted of him and three farmers - Yashpal Tomar, Mehek Singh Tomar & Munesh Sharma. These people from village have taken interest in Bridge by themselves and from time to time they travel to Meerut to get training by Sri CP Agarwal. This was the first time they had a taste of competitive Bridge. The results are as follows:

    1. NCL A , Singrauli (Asoke Dey, C Goswami, SK Bagchi, PP Agarwal ) -52.59
    2. RS Misra, Allahabad (RS Misra, BN Agarwal, AP Singh, SP Sharma, Jitendra Pandey, OP Tiwari) - 51
    3. Varanasi 6 (BC Bose, KP Gupta, GC Chatterji, Subrata Bose, Amar Bose, S Bhattacharya) - 46.58

    JK Lohia Trophy for Best UP Pair in Matchpoint Pairs Event

    26 pairs took part in the event. The event was played over two sessions on final day of 22 & 20 boards h with Scrambelled Mitchell movement in first session and Howell in second session.

    The results are as follows:

    1. Amar Bose & S Bhattacharya (Varanasi) - 264.72
    2. Om Hari Agarwal & Virendra Jhunjhunwala (Bareilly/Kanpur) - 251.61
    3. GC Chatterjee & Subrata Bose (Varanasi) - 248.44
    4. CP Agarwal & Pullak Garga (Meerut) - 247.94
    5. OP Tiwari & Jitendra Pandey (Allahabad) - 242.72

    VK Chaube Trophy for Highest Masterpoint Grosser from UP in 2015

    1. Pradeep Anand Singh
    2. Kr Vijayanand Singh
    3. AK Sinha

    UP players please note:

    1. Rajjan would represent UP at Inter State Championship at Ludhiana taking place from November 3-6, 2016.
    2. Amar Bose & S Bhattacharya would represent UP at Rama Jain 2017.
    3. Pairs representing UP in Agarwala Trophy at Inter State Championship at Ludhiana are:
    i). Amar Bose & S Bhattacharya
    ii) Om Hari Agarwal & Virendra Jhunjhunwala
    iii) GC Chatterjee & Subrata Bose

    Reserve Pairs are:
    R1 - CP Agarwal & Pullak Garga
    R2 - OP Tiwari & Jitendra Pandey

    Madhava Prasad Memorial at Corbett Park 2016

    Madhava Prasad Memorial Bridge Tournament took place at Riverview Retreat Resort, Corbett Park from July 21-24, 2016. This was 25th edition of this tournament which for last few years been known as Madhava Prasad Memorial. Corbett Park is a Wild Life Sanctuary located in state of Uttarakhand in North India. The venue for bridge tournament is a scenic resort besides river Kosi. The entry fee in comparison to prize money is little stiff but the place is worth visiting. The playing conditions were very good and so was food and cottages for stay. Sri Ranju Bhattacharya was CTD and Sri TC Pant did technical management.


    44 teams took part in the event and were divided into three groups of 15 (Group A), 14 (Group B) & 15 (Group C) teams. Group A & C played 15 rounds & Group B 13 rounds of full league of 8 boards each. Top 2 teams form each group were assured of qualification to Super league. The three third placed teams played 4 boards sudden death to determine two other qualifiers which completed Super league of 8 teams. The qualifiers from the group stage are as follows:

    Group A
    1. Dr Sanghi (Dr Sanghi, SM Moin, Sunil Kumar, Kingshuk Bhattacharya, AB Chakraborty) - 208.74 VPs
    2. PK Thakur (PK Thakur, Manoj Dey, Gaurav Banerjee, Dipak Santra) - 196.87 VPs
    3. Anoop Dhawan (Anoop Dhawan, SK Bandopadhyay, Shambhu Nath Ghosh, Biswajit Poddar, Rana Roy, Prasun Mukherjee) - 196.67 VPs

    Group B
    1. Dhampur Sugar Mills (Ashok Goel, B Satyanarayana, KR Venkatraman, Bhabesh Saha, JM Shah) - 196.28 VPs
    2. Sarthak Behuria (Sarthak Behuria, Paresh Gupta, Sandeep Karmarkar, Arvind Gupta, Marianne Karmarkar) - 188.04 VPs
    3. Rampage (Manish Bahuguna, Sandeep Thakral, Soumya Das, Somesh Bhattacharya) - 186.99 VPs

    Group C
    1. Mukul Gupta (Mukul Gupta, SA Abbasi, Shantanu Rastogi, TP Khare, Virendra Singh, Anil Bansal) - 214.93 VPs
    2. Lucky (Ramkrishna Mazumdar, Kalyan Mukherjee, Busu Bhattacharjee, Kamal Naguri) - 214.27 VPs
    3. Maya Meera (Vijay Goel, Satyabrata Mukherjee, Sameer Basak, Alok Daga, Pinaki Khan, Sunil Bhatia) - 202 VPs

    In the sudden death between Anoop Dhawan, Rampage & Maya Meera, Rampage got eliminated.

    The super league was of 7 rounds of 10 boards each. The super league results are as follows:

    1. Dr Sanghi
    2. Maya Meera
    3. Anoop Dhawan
    4. Dhampur Sugar Mills
    5. Mukul Gupta
    6. Sarthak Behuria
    7. Lucky
    8. PK Thakur


    76 pairs played took part in the event and played two sessions. The results are as follows:

    1. Subrata Saha & Navneet Swaika- 852.06
    2. Tapan Kumar Roy & Sailesh Das - 848.79
    3. Swapan Ghosh & Sujit Basu - 843.1
    4. Sukalyan Sarkar & Abhijit Chakravorty - 839.26
    5. Atanu Ganguly & KK Ganguly - 816.14
    6. Asha Sharma & TC Pant - 815.46
    7. Sutunu Behuria & Arvind Gupta - 813.96
    8. S Sen & K Lahiri - 812.16
    9. Kamlesh Gupta & Kajal Das - 809.1
    10. Manish Bahuguna & Sandeep Thakral - 801.53

    World Wide Bridge Contest 2016

    The 2016 World Wide Bridge Contest is an exciting, revised Contest for 2016 with an amazing prize for the winning pairs – qualification to a Final to be held in Beijing, China.The new contest will comprise six simultaneous pairs events to be held on Tuesday 26th & Thursday 28th April, Monday 9th and Wednesday 11th May and culminating with the final two on the traditional dates of Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th June. Clubs may enter one or more of the events.From these events, 13 pairs will qualify for a 3-day final to be held in Beijing, China from 23rd - 25th September, joining a further 7 pairs from China, to play the 3-day final which will be played using BBO software. Pairs participating in the final will have free B&B accommodation in double room, with free in-room Internet access offered by the Organization Committee. In addition the Organization Committee will provide each overseas player with US$1600 as subsidies for the round transportation expenses. The final will have a prize fund of US$ 20,000.The 13 winning pairs will be selected as follows: the winning pair from each of the six simultaneous pairs events, then The winners from each Continent not having won an individual session PROVIDED they have scored over 55% then The highest scoring pairs in 2nd place in any session to complete the required number of pairs in the final provided they are not already eligible as a result of being a winner of one of the six tournaments or a "continental" winner. WBF Year points will be awarded to the winning pairs from each heat.

    The results are as follows:

    Tuesday, April 26, 2016 #3458

  • Details: 599 Pairs in 38 Clubs of 16 Countries took part worldwide.

  • Winner: Papadakis N & Akasiadis I (Oamxn, Greece) 71.98%

  • India: 49 Pairs in 3 Clubs took part. Lucknow -10, Guwahati - 16, KSBA, Bengaluru - 23. Rajesh Warrior & Mukesh Ghatiya (KSBA) were first in India with 62.98%.

  • Lucknow: 1. AK Sinha & SQ Wajahat 61.77% Rank 24 Local - Rank 1 66.67%, 2. Mukul Goel & Arun Srivastava 60.27% Rank 41 Local - Rank 2 61.11%

  • Thursday, April 28, 2016 #3698

  • Details: 555 Pairs in 39 Clubs of 18 Countries took part worldwide.

  • Winner: Luwen Koh & Wen Yuan Tan (Singpore CBA, Singapore) 72.83%

  • India: 42 Pairs in 2 Clubs took part. Guwahati - 16, KSBA, Bengaluru - 26. AS Gupta & Uttam Gupta (KSBA) were first in India with 63.71%.

  • Monday, May 9, 2016 #4516

  • Details: 616 Pairs in 41 Clubs of 18 Countries took part worldwide.

  • Winner: AS Gupta & Uttam Gupta (KSBA, Bengaluru) 69.73%

  • India: 10 Pairs in 1 Clubs took part. KSBA, Bengaluru - 10.

  • Wednesday, May 11, 2016 #4627

  • Details: 574 Pairs in 38 Clubs of 14 Countries took part worldwide.

  • Winner: Evaggelos Fotopoulos & Georgios Hatzikonstandis (Piraes Bridge Club, Greece) 70.28%

  • India: 37 Pairs in 3 Clubs took part. Lucknow -10, Guwahati - 18, KSBA, Bengaluru - 9. Mukul Goel & Arun Srivastava (Lucknow) were first in India with 63.62%.

  • Lucknow: 1. Mukul Goel & Arun Srivastava 63.62% Rank 15 Local - Rank 2 56.94%, 2. Dr DC Gupta & GN Mehrotra 58.12% Rank 79 Local - Rank 3 55.56%.

  • Friday, June 3, 2016 #5213

  • Details: 3513 Pairs in 236 Clubs of 30 Countries took part worldwide.

  • Winner: Sighinolfi Fransesco & Saccomani Massimo (Portland Club, Italy) 72.33%

  • India: 106 Pairs in 6 Clubs of 5 Cities took part. Lucknow -9, Guwahati - 13, KSBA, Bengaluru - 6, Delhi -24, Kolkata - Calcutta Club A - 26 & Calcutta Club B - 28. Satyabrat Lahiri & Ajay Bagaria (Calcutta Club A) were first in India with 65.67%.

  • Lucknow:1. MM Nangia & Kamal Agarwal 60.67% Rank 249 Local - Rank 1 60.42%, 2. Mukul Goel & Arun Srivastava 57% Rank 605 Local - Rank 3 52.08%

  • Saturday, June 4, 2016 #6425

  • Details: 3563 Pairs in 203 Clubs of 25 Countries took part worldwide.

  • Winner: Carlos Luiz & Miguel Teixeira (FPB 400 Associacao de Bridge da Madeira, Portugal) 73.85%

  • India: 129 Pairs in 7 Clubs of 5 Cities took part. Lucknow -9, Guwahati - 13, Delhi -22, Kolkata - Calcutta Club A - 22 & Calcutta Club B - 24, Pune - Poona Region Group A - 20 & Poona Region Group B - 19. Dr Behere Rajendra & Nitin Shirole (Poona Region Group B) were first in India with 67.82%.

  • Lucknow:1. Mukul Goel & Arun Srivastava 55.86% Rank 765 Local - Rank 1 60.67%, 2. AK Sinha & JS Kaul 53.08% Rank 1234 Local - Rank 2 59.17%

  • The 30th World Wide Bridge Contest is Organized by the WBF in cooperation with CCBA (China Contract Bridge Association) & Beijing Lianzhong Interactive Network Inc. 13 qualified pairs would be joined by 7 pairs qualified from online bridge events in China. The final will have a prize fund of US$ 20,000.

    The 13 qualified pairs are:

    The winning pairs from each session were:

    Set 1 : Papadakis N & Akasiadis I ( Oamxn, Greece )
    Set 2 : Luwen Koh & Wen Yuan Tan ( Singapore CBA, Singapore )
    Set 3 : A S Gupta & Uttam Gupta ( Ksba, India )
    Set 4 : Evaggelos Fotopoulos & Georgios Hatzikonstandis ( Piraeus bridge club, Greece )
    Set 5 : Sighinolfi Francesco & Saccomani Massimo ( Portland Club, Italy )
    Set 6 : Carlos Luiz & Miguel Teixeira ( FPB 400 Associação de Bridge da Madeira, Portugal )

    Represented continents: Europe and Asia

    The highest placed pairs from the other three continents, namely Africa, America and Oceania are the next pairs invited:

    AFRICA : BELLAZREG Wissem & MESTIRI Anas ( Sheraton Bridge Club, Tunisia ) from Set 6 (73.50%)
    AMERICA : Paul Benedict & Lynn Jones ( Bridge Club Of Baltimore, USA ) also set 6 (71.90%)
    OCEANIA : Sue & Gary Hollands, (SA Bridge Assoc Purple, Australia) Set 4 (67&) replacing Jane Sharley & Bette Backhouse who were unable to accept the invitation.

    Finally the four highest scoring second placed pairs will be invited to the final:

    From set 1 : Kimiko Endo & Alan Sia ( The Japanese Association_ SG, Singapore ) 70.01%
    From set 2 : Joan Jaggard & Keith Jaggard ( Stansfield, England ) 71.82%
    From set 3 : Anthea De Alwis & Asoka Jayasinghe ( Vajira Bridge Center, Sri Lanka ) 68.51%
    From set 5 : Fiore Andrea & Censi Roberta ( Bridge Latina, Italy ) 72.01

    The clubs at which the pairs played will now be contacted and the players invited to contact Anna Gudge who will pass their details to the organisers of the Final in Beijing in order that the necessary arrangements can be made.

    Courtesy: as on 9/6/16 3:30 hrs India Time, WBF Website

    47th UP State Bridge Championship would take place at Etlantis Club, Chakrata Road, Dehradun from July 28-30, 2017.

    Inter State Bridge Championship would take place at BARC, Anushaktinagar, Mumbai from August 31 - September 3, 2017.

    HCL International Bridge Championship would take place at Delhi from September 12-17, 2017.

    Kr Murli Manohar Memorial Bridge tournament would take place at Boat House Club, Nainital from October 12-15, 2017.

    Indian Bridge Calendar 2017 as on April 20, 2017

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  • Lucknow Results
  • Lucknow Bridge Association has purchased 8 Bridgemates 2, a Bridgemate 2 Server and a Netbook to process results with a total cost of Rs 75990/-. From February 1, 2011 instantaneous results are available to members as soon as session ends. The scoring software is ACBLScore ver 7.66 which is downloaded from ACBL website and for which we are thankful to ACBL. It is part of association's endevour to provide better amenities and world class infrastructure to its members. The Bridgemates are available on hire to any Bridge Association wanting World Class Bridge.

  • Latest Full Result
  • Complete Result of 23rd May, 2017

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