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1. Bridge Facility in Lucknow, India

Lucknow Bridge Association conducts bridge regular bridge tournaments in Lucknow.There are two regular pair events every week, on Tuesdays and Fridays.On Tuesday matchpoint pair event takes place and on Friday IMP pair event takes place. The entry fee is nominal Rs. 10 per person or Rs. 20 per pair for members. All bridge enthusiast all welcome. The membership of Lucknow Bridge Association is nominal Rs. 250 per annum and all regular players are expected to become members of the association. The venue for these tournaments is Lucknow Club. The address is: Lucknow Club, Near Ashok Marg, Lucknow.The timings are 6:30 pm onwards in the evening.

2. The Convention Card Editor Bridge Card 5.0.6 by Lee Edwards

A convention card editor fills, edits and prints convention cards on computer. Lee Edwards of Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA has designed this very convenient convention card editor for various convention cards. The convention cards which can be filled by this editor are ACBL, SAYC, WBF, WBF(England), EBU, BBL, French, Dutch, Belgian, Sweedish, Italian, Austrian, Ireland, Israeli, Indian & Australian. You can download this software which is freeware from the link mentioned above. Those of you who want to send your comments to Lee Edwards can do so at

For Indian bridge players,lovers & enthusiasts the good news is that the convention card designed by Bridge Federation of India (BFI) appears on this convention card editor. So for those of you who have computers the convention card filling in India is a lot more easier job now.

3. Tournament News

In this section I would cover tournaments happening in India and more so the tournaments happening in Northern part of India and in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

The 13th Worldwide Simultaneous Pairs event , which in the past have been sponsored by EPSON and Alcatel, took place on June 5 & 6 1998. The event didn't take place in India for the first time since the inception of the event.According to WBF (World Bridge Federation) the BFI (Bridge Federation of India) decided not to participate in this year's event despite having the knowledge of the event three months in advance.

Noida Bridge Association is conducting a bridge tournament at NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh on 10-12 July 1998. The total prize money is Rs. 100000. The entry is by invitation only.

The annual tournament organized by HINDALCO under Sonbhadra Bridge Association is being held on July 24-26 at Renukoot,Uttar Pradesh this year. This is the 21st edition of this tournament which has been given the national status.

4. Deal of the Week

In this section I would cover one good deal which appeared in the Weekly Bridge Tournaments at Lucknow or in a recent tournament with explainations.

This week's deal continues on effect of 4333 pattern.This is basically bidding problem .

Dealer East

Vul Both

HK J 6 5 2
DK 8 6
CQ 9 3
S10 8 4SK J 5 3 2
HA 4 3HQ
DQ 5 4DA J 10 3 2
CA 10 8 7CJ 4
S9 7 6
H10 9 8 7
D9 7
CK 6 5 2


PassPassPass1 C
1 SPass1 NT2 H
3 DPass3 SPass

Consider this deal where 4 Spade makes five but NS have stopped at 3 Spade.

North opens Precision 1 Club after three passes on 15 HCP only. East who could have opened ,making everything simple, overcalls 1 Spade. His partner bids 1 NT with 4333 and 10 HCP and later choses 3 Spades on his 3 diamond. The auction ends in 3 spades.

Should any of east or west bid 4 spades is the crux ?

Naturally looking at this deal everbody would say yes but why ? In this deal if east opens there are good chances that EW would reach 4 Spade. The probable auction would be 1 spade -Pass -2 spade -double -3 diamond -pass/3 heart -4 spades. On east's long suit trial of 3 diamond west has to bid 4 spade because he is maximam. Alas east doesn't open! In this sequence though east is minimum he is showing better than minimum cards and is interested in playing game making things easy. Somehow the same logic is not conveyed when passed partner overcalls twice because the game intention is converted into competing. So EW have to be more careful. If you look at this deal from cover card point of view, west has three cover cards against seven losers of east and at best 9 tricks can be expected. That eleven tricks are resulting is the kindness of cards. Consider the following layout:

SA 6
HK J 6 5 2
DK 10 6
CK Q 9 3
S10 8 4SK J 5 3 2
HA 4 3HQ
DQ 5 4DA J 8 3 2
CA 10 8 7CJ 4
SQ 9 7
H10 9 8 7
D9 7
C9 6 5 2

Now break your head and 4 spade would not make. Only cards changed are diamond 10 and location of spade queen.

East can not do anything about location of spade queen but he has diamond ten and that should guide him to bid 4 spades. West by bidding 3 spade has conveyed 3 cards in spades as his 1NT would be with 4333 or 4432 pattern on this type of sequence and west can pass 3 diamonds if he wants to close the auction. Skeptics would say that east is not aware that west would have three cover cards but east should also be alert of the fact that he hasn't opened and west is not sure to what level he want to compete. So best thing for east is to bid 4 spades.

5. Bridge Links

Following very good bridge sites are available for any bridge enthusiast:

1. American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) Website

2. Canadian Bridge Federation (CBF) Website

3. World Bridge Federation (WBF) Website

4. The Internet Bridge Archive

Some other bridge sites are:

1. Okbridge Website

2. Bridgeworld Website

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