47th UP State & 11th Uttarakhand Bridge Championship at Dehradun 2017

47th UP State & 11th Uttarakhand combined Bridge Championship took place at Etlantis Club, Dehradun from July 28-30, 2017. 18 teams including 10 UP teams, 6 from Uttarakhand, 1 from Delhi & 1 from Punjab took part in the Championship. The event was very well organised by Dehradun Bridge Association in association with Nainital Bridge Association under auspices of UP & Uttarakahnd Bridge Association. The whole show was ably managed by Prof RP Bhatnagar who put in a lot of hard work to make the event a success. This is the third time Dehradun is holding UP state championship and first after creation of Uttarakhand state. Sri RP Bhatnagar was also CTD and was assisted by Col Kapoor. Sri TC Pant looked after technical work very efficiently.

From 2012 the UP State Championship was made open to neighbouring states inviting one team each.

Rajendra Kumar Gargya Trophy for Best UP Team & Chauhan's Trophy for Best Uttarakhand Team in Duplicate Event

18 teams took part in the event and played 8 rounds of swiss league of 8 boards with 20-0 continuous scoring after which 6 teams qualified for Super League. RS Misra, Allahabad - 110.61 topped the swiss league followed by MBA, Meerut - 109.3, Chauhan's, Dehradun - 94.12 finished third, Menace, Moradabad - 93.19 were fourth, Mukul Gupta, Lucknow - 91.93 were fifth & Punjab Bridge Association - 90.61 were last team to qualify. After 5 rounds of super league of 8 boards each the final results are:

1. Menace, Moradabad (Ajay Vaish, Deepak Kothiwal, Pankaj Mehta, Pradeep Singh) - 65.8 UP State Champion and Winner of Gargya Trophy
2. MBA, Meerut (CP Agarwal, Pullak Garga, ML Jain, Sanjay Jain) - 56.81
3. Punjab Bridge Association (Madhusudan Sharma, Sant Parkash Sharma, YP Punj, Col BL Anand) - 53.21
4. Mukul Gupta, Lucknow (Mukul Gupta, SA Abbasi, Shantanu Rastogi, TP Khare, Anil Bansal) - 51.1
5. RS Misra, Allahabad (Bal Agarwal, Anisul Haq, AP Singh, Shree Prakash Sharma) - 45.88
6. Chauhan's, Dehradun (RVS Chauhan, RP Bhatnagar, Col RK Bhatnagar, SC Gupta) - 26.7 Uttarakhand State Champion and Winner of Chauhan Trophy

Madhava Prasad Trophy for Duplicate Silver Event

There was a Silver event for non qualifiers of Duplicate event. 12 teams took part in the event. They played swiss league of 5 rounds of 8 boards each with continuous 20-0 scale scoring. The results are as follows:

1. Maya Meera, Delhi (Vijay Goel, Sunil Bhatia, TC Pant, Smt Asha Sharma ) - 70.15
2. NCL B , Singrauli (PK Chakraborty, C Goswami, SK Bagchi, PP Agarwalla ) - 69.2
3. President's 4 (Kr Vijayanand Singh, Arvind Prasad, AK Sinha, BN Rastogi) - 66.47

JK Lohia Trophy for Best UP Pair & Shashi Kudrat Trophy for Overall Winner in Matchpoint Pairs Event

32 pairs took part in the event. The event was played over two sessions on final day of 18 boards with Scrambelled Mitchell movement. The results are as follows:

1. TK Mandal & SC Chawla (Uttarakhand) - 228.64 Overall Winner for Shashi Kudrat Trophy
2. B Roy & M Kudrat (Uttarakhand) - 228.05
3. PP Agarwalla & SK Bagchi (Singrauli) - 226.23 Best UP Pair and Winner of JK Lohia Trophy
4. Deep Chand & RS Maheshwari (Saharanpur) - 222.18
5. SK Mittal & Yashpal (Uttarakhand) - 219.95

VK Chaube Trophy for Highest Masterpoint Grosser from UP in 2016

1. AK Sinha
2/3. Kr Vijayanand Singh
2/3. Pradeep Singh

UP players please note:

1. (After refusal of 1st team Menace) MBA, Meerut would represent UP at Inter State Championship taking place at Mumbai from August 31 - September 3, 2017.
2. Pairs qualified to represent UP in Agarwala Trophy at Inter State Championship at Mumbai are:
i). PP Agarwalla & SK Bagchi (Singrauli)
ii) Deep Chand & RS Maheshwari (Saharanpur)
iii) ML Jain & SK Jain (Meerut)

Reserve Pairs are:
R1 - AK Sinha & BN Rastogi (Lucknow)