46th UP State Bridge Championship at Bareilly 2016

46th UP State Bridge Championship took place at Allen Union Club, Bareilly from August 5-7, 2016. 13 teams including 12 UP teams took part in the Championship. The event was very well organised by Bareilly Bridge Association in association with Allen Union Club. The whole show was superbly managed by Sri Ajay Agarwal who put in a lot of hard work to make the event a success though his efforts were not matched by number of teams that took part. He was helped by his team and in particular by Sri Om Hari Agarwal who has been awarded the Organizational Colours by Bridge Association (U.P.). This is the sixth time Bareilly is holding state championship. There was good coverage of event in dailies of Bareilly. Sri RP Bhatnagar was CTD and was assisted by Sri GP Dimri. Sri TC Pant looked after technical work very efficiently.

From 2012 the UP State Championship was made open to neighbouring states inviting one team each. This year no full neighbouring team took part but one UP team had pair from out of UP.

Rajendra Kumar Gargya Trophy for Best UP Team in Duplicate Event

13 teams took part in the event and played 7 rounds of swiss league of 10 boards with 20-0 continuous scoring after which 4 teams qualified for SF. Rajjan, Allahabad - 101.3 topped the swiss league followed by Rohit Wrappers, Moradabad/Varanasi - 93.32. Ajay's Four, Bareilly - 80.41 finished third and Bridge Friends, Lucknow - 76.13 was last team to qualify. In 10*2 SF Rajjan defeated Bridge Friends 41-37 and Ajay's Four defeated Rohit Wrappers 71-22. In 10*2 final Ajay's Four beat Rajjan 44-27 to win the first place. As Ajay's four had a pair from from out of UP, Rajjan were crowned UP State Champion and got the trophy. 10*2 third place play off went to Bridge Friends who won 38-31. The final results are:

1. Ajay's Four, Bareilly (Ajay Agarwal, Maj Gen HS Nanda, Ashok Goel, JM Shah)
2. Rajjan, Allahabad (Shankar Chatterjee, Pintoo Bose, SP Srivastava, Bal Agarwal) - UP State Champion and winner of Gargya Trophy
3. Bridge Friends, Lucknow (Mukul Goel, Arun Srivastava, RA Siddiqui, AK Garg, SQ Wajahat)
4. Rohit Wrappers, Moradabad/Varanasi (Ajay Vaish, Deepak Kothiwal, Kr Vijayanand Singh, Pradeep Singh)

Madhava Prasad Trophy for Duplicate Silver Event

There was a Silver event for non qualifiers of Duplicate event. 10 teams took part in the event. They played swiss league of 4 rounds of 10 boards each with continuous 20-0 scale scoring. The highlight of Silver event was participation by a team from village/town Baraut of district Baghpat. The team was led by Sri Dheeraj Kumar Tomar who is with Delhi Police and consisted of him and three farmers - Yashpal Tomar, Mehek Singh Tomar & Munesh Sharma. These people from village have taken interest in Bridge by themselves and from time to time they travel to Meerut to get training by Sri CP Agarwal. This was the first time they had a taste of competitive Bridge. The results are as follows:

1. NCL A , Singrauli (Asoke Dey, C Goswami, SK Bagchi, PP Agarwal ) -52.59
2. RS Misra, Allahabad (RS Misra, BN Agarwal, AP Singh, SP Sharma, Jitendra Pandey, OP Tiwari) - 51
3. Varanasi 6 (BC Bose, KP Gupta, GC Chatterji, Subrata Bose, Amar Bose, S Bhattacharya) - 46.58

JK Lohia Trophy for Best UP Pair in Matchpoint Pairs Event

26 pairs took part in the event. The event was played over two sessions on final day of 22 & 20 boards h with Scrambelled Mitchell movement in first session and Howell in second session.

The results are as follows:

1. Amar Bose & S Bhattacharya (Varanasi) - 264.72
2. Om Hari Agarwal & Virendra Jhunjhunwala (Bareilly/Kanpur) - 251.61
3. GC Chatterjee & Subrata Bose (Varanasi) - 248.44
4. CP Agarwal & Pullak Garga (Meerut) - 247.94
5. OP Tiwari & Jitendra Pandey (Allahabad) - 242.72

VK Chaube Trophy for Highest Masterpoint Grosser from UP in 2015

1. Pradeep Anand Singh
2. Kr Vijayanand Singh
3. AK Sinha

UP players please note:

1. Rajjan would represent UP at Inter State Championship at Ludhiana taking place from November 3-6, 2016.
2. Amar Bose & S Bhattacharya would represent UP at Rama Jain 2017.
3. Pairs representing UP in Agarwala Trophy at Inter State Championship at Ludhiana are:
i). Amar Bose & S Bhattacharya
ii) Om Hari Agarwal & Virendra Jhunjhunwala
iii) GC Chatterjee & Subrata Bose

Reserve Pairs are:
R1 - CP Agarwal & Pullak Garga
R2 - OP Tiwari & Jitendra Pandey