37th UP state championship took place at HINDALCO, Renukoot from August 31 -September 2,2007. 14 teams from took part in the duplicate event and enjoyed the good old hospitality of HINDALCO.The teams played full league of 13 rounds of 10 boards each. 2 top teams from the league then played in the finals to determine the winners. Atik, Varanasi (Kr Vijayanand Singh, Pradeep Singh, JS Kaul, BN Batra) topped the league followed by Maheshwari,Allahabad (Indresh Agarwal, Govind Agarwal, BN Rastogi, Sushil Agrawal, Prakash Agarwal).Rajjan,Allahabad (Rajjan Agarwal,SP Srivastava,BK Agarwal, Deepak Chatterjee) finished third and Bhargava, Allahabad (CK Bhargava, BG Verma, Mahboodullah, Anisul Haq) were fourth.Maheshwari defeated Atik in the final and won with it the DN Rastogi trophy.Indresh Agrawal & Sushil Agarwal from Allahabad won JS Kothiwal trophy for winning pairs event in which 32 pairs took part. PK Chakravorty & Chinmoy Goswami (Singrauli) finished runners up. Other prize winners in pairs event were CK Bhargava & BG Verma (Allahabad), Rajjan Agarwal & BK Agarwal (Allahabad) and a pair from Varanasi. NCL, Singrauli (Ashok Dey, PK Chakravorty, C Goswami, JN Chatterjee) won board a match event and with it the Kr Yogendra Pratap memorial trophy where 13 teams were competing. Arnab, Varanasi (S Bhattacharjee, GC Chatterjee, Rakesh Bhargava, Subroto Bose) were runners up. Bhargava, Allahabad (CK Bhargava, BG Verma, Mahboodullah, Anisul Haq) finished third.Participation this year was thin which is alarming for bridge in UP and also disheartening for a good host like HINDALCO.