35th UP state championship took place at NRSC Club A, AMU, Aligarh from September 2-4,2005. 24 teams from UP & Uttaranchal took part in the duplicate event. These teams played in the swiss league of 8 rounds of 8 boards each. 4 top teams from the league then played in the semi-finals on a knock out basis. Pankaj Mehta,Moradabad (Pankaj Mehta, Pradeep Singh, S Lahiri, SK Bandopadhyaya) topped the swiss league with 145 VPs. Jaipuria, Varanasi (MK Jaipuria, Col SK Kapoor, BN Agarwal, IN Mulla) with 143 VPs, Siddiqui, Lucknow (RA Siddiqui, NC Bhattacharya, B Prasad, M Wasi Ahmed) with 142 VPs and Doon Royal , Dehradun (B Roy, M Kudrai, A Bhadra, Sanjiv Agarwal, TK Mondal) with 139 VPs were the other qualified teams. In the semi-finals Doon Royal defeated Pankaj Mehta and Siddiqui defeated Jaipuria. Doon Royal won the final against Siddiqui by 8 IMPs in 24 boards. Since Doon Royal was Uttaranchal team the duplicate DN Rastogi trophy went to Siddiqui. Pankaj Mehta team won Khwaja Hashmat Kamal trophy for being winners of swiss league. Ghatak & Bhattachrya from Varanasi won Amitabh Chandra trophy for winning pairs event. Vijayanand Singh & BG Verma (Varanasi/Allahabad) finished runners up. Rafat Islam & Girish Kumar (Gorakhpur) were third and SH Zaheer & MA Quadri (Lucknow/Aligarh) finished fourth. Jafar, Aligarh won board a match event and with it the Kr Yogendra Pratap memorial trophy. Siddiqui were runners up.